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Guy Watts

  • Dr Guy Watts
  • West Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Patient review

DollyDog93 01/01/1970


My experience with Dr. Watts could not have been better (rhinoplasty) (female, 23yo) The first two appointments prior to surgery I felt like he was genuinely listening to me, he spoke very kindly while still being completely honest. I got great vibes so I booked my nose in. Then came surgery, I had a panic attack while entering the operating theatre and Dr. Watts was cool calm and collected and tried to soothe me, which was fantastic to me it showed that he genuinely cared about me as a person not just a client. Three days after surgery my nose started clearing, by Sunday my swelling and bruising was pitiful and the blood was quickly disappearing from my nasal mucus, over all pain was minimal. I could breathe through nose at night by Monday. It's now 2 weeks and one day post surgery, cast was taken off yesterday and I could not be happier! I was in shock until I got home and looked in my mirror and then the happy tears flowed. I have the perfect nose! Now when my loved ones call me beautiful I'll actually believe them. I'm not joking, it is perfect. I can breathe easily, and finally evenly, through my nose (left side was dodgy). An outrageous price tag doesn't mean you've got the best surgeon, go with your gut and if you don't get good vibes move on, preferably to Dr. Watts!