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Mr Guy Watts

Guy Watts

  • Dr Guy Watts
  • West Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Patient review

Ms Anonymous 20/07/2017


I am in a somewhat unique position of being able to compare two board certified Plastic Surgeons (PS) side by side. I have nothing bad to say about either of them, however one of them, in my opinion went more than the extra mile. I reached a stage in my mid 40's where I looked in the mirror and did not like what I saw. I gasped on the occasions when I was taking photos of my children and I had accidentally put the camera on self- taking mode! Shock Horror! I made my decision on my first PS purely from a list (handwritten) from my referring doctor who said he had heard they were recommended. This was in relation to upper blepharoplasty at this point with a view to discussing other areas of concern at my consult. At my consult I explained that one of my biggest concerns was my neck. I had always enjoyed a lovely neckline until I hit early 40's. Once I started to notice flaws I hated looking in the mirror or catching an unplanned glimpse of myself. I learned how to apply make up without really looking at myself ( a self taught skill)