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Howard Webster

  • Dr. Howard Webster
  • Richmond, Victoria, Australia
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Patient review

littlenose21 01/10/2014


Having spent years looking in the mirror and seeing a nose that was way too big for my face I decided it was time to do something about it. My nose had several bumps along the bridge, a bulbous tip, wide and long. I started spending some time researching plastic surgeons and rhinoplasty and was lucky enough to be referred to the wonderful Howard Webster at ARC Plastic Surgery.

When I met Howard I felt immediately comfortable and as a team we clicked. He knew what I wanted and was thorough in his explanation about rhinoplasty. No question was a stupid question. He is patient and genuine in his approach and I felt that truly cared and wanted to help me. 

Post surgery was a breeze. I had minimal bruising and swelling and I healed up very quickly. It is now 10 months since my operation and I am so lucky to wake up every morning and see a brand new me. I now have a beautiful perfect little nose, small and dainty, that complements my features and new found confidence. 

Howard is extremely skilled and an artist at what he does and I am honoured to have been a patient of his. If you are thinking of seeing Howard please book that appointment, you won’t regret it. I will be forever grateful to Howard for the fantastic work her has done for me. Thank you so much!!