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 Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt

  • Dr Jeremy Hunt
  • Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review

L. Wilson 04/08/2015

Blepharoplasty, Lower Face and Necklift

It has been just over 6 months since my surgery and I am still amazed at the changes and so very happy with my whole experience with Dr. Hunt. I started holding up my eyebrows at 20. The rest of my face followed the eyebrow decent as I neared 50. So the eyebrow lift morphed into eyelid, MACS and neck lift. The thought of going under the knife never scared me. Who would be wielding that knife my biggest concern. After my first consultation with Dr. Hunt, the worry was no more. I threw every question, concern, opinion at him and with great patience, ease and straight forwardness he answered everything and asked a few of his own. He gets to the heart of what you want and lets you guide the process while helping you through each step. He has corrected something I had been dealing with for almost 30 years, plus a few extras thrown in and he’s done it masterfully. He is more than qualified, you can see this just by reading the other reviews and looking at his accomplishments. I can’t find a rooftop high enough to shout just how happy I am with the results! Dr. Hunt is beyond competent, thorough, honest and easy to talk to. It comes down to responsibility, trust, ability and he has this in spades. Those that knew I was getting it done were blown away. My Aesthetician (who’s seen a lot of surgical faces over the last 25 years) took one look at my face and asked for his card. Those that didn’t, still don’t. I wanted significant changes but most importantly I still look wanted to look like me and that was something I was concerned about. Dr. Hunt’s true ability is well hidden and he delivered everything I wanted without my Father even batting an eye. I love that no one knows (yes he’s that good). I know. I’m happy and I love it. His office and surgical staff are extremely professional and so warm. Helen is so kind to deal with at the front desk, and has everything under control for you. l loved that I was able to have my follow up taken care of there in the offices upstairs. The treatment rooms are thoroughly equipped and lovely."