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 Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt

  • Dr Jeremy Hunt
  • Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia
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Body Lift

I owe so much to this man. I have had 4 kids now in there 20's and decided it was time for me to take care of myself and lose weight. Iam 44 yrs old and After 4yrs of keeping weight off going from 80kgs to 54kgs i had alot of stretched skin in my tummy and my bum was pretty much of the floor. My friends from my work in wollongong suggested i go and see jermery hunt i saw other surgeons much cheaper but i wanted to go where my friends had there work as i could see first hand on the work they had done. I now have no more floppy skin iny tummy and my bum is much better i have dropped a bit and told jermery and he is going to push me back up on my next procedure nothing is a problem for him. Iam going in the next mth to get my thigh lift done as i have same problem inside my legs floppy skin. I eat well and excersise everyday and nothing can take away excess floppy skin. I again picked the right was expensive but looking and feeling great is better then a new car thats for sure. Join a healthfund i should have done that.Thanks jermery hunt and staff