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 Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt

  • Dr Jeremy Hunt
  • Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia
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Body Lift

Dr Hunt and his team are intelligent, professional and lovely people who have your best interests at the very forefront. My surgical experience with my birthmark was across 2 years, and the journey was so much more straightforward than I imagined. I think this goes hand in hand with Dr Hunt's incredible surgical expertise, and the organisation and thoroughness of his staff. You would not even notice that I have had a big birthmark removed, the site is astonishingly neat - ridiculously neat- and has healed so well. Dr Hunt has a very glowing reputation (even in England - where I first heard of him) and his aesthetically perfect and medically sound work shows why. Before I had met Dr Hunt, I had researched his work and seen a YouTube video of him performing skull surgery which was really impressive. It made me recognise his problem solving abilities and the precision in his work, which made me think he would be perfect for removing my 'difficult' birthmark. I brought a challenging surgical task with the size and and location of my birthmark, that some surgeons felt was beyond their reach, but Dr Hunt was confident in his ability and wanted to help change my life so that I could be much happier. I would recommend that every single person who was interested in plastic surgery booked an appointment with Dr Hunt because I genuinely believe that he can handle any problem and will produce nothing less than a perfectionists work.