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Mr Kourosh Tavakoli

Kourosh Tavakoli

  • Dr Kourosh Tavakoli
  • Double Bay, New South Wales, Australia
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Breast Augmentation

I’m just writing in because I get so many messages on Instagram or questions in real life about my BA experience. I have nothing but the highest of praise for Dr Kourosh Tavakoli and his incredible team! This was something I had always wanted to do to improve my confidence and after years of thinking and careful consideration I began to do thorough research and selected Dr Tavakoli. I didn’t take this sort of thing lightly and deciding to go through with this procedure was a huge deal to me. Dr Kourosh and his team were incredibly professional and informative and made me feel as comfortable as possible, I was reassured that I was in good hands and I have continued to have this notion continually reaffirmed even a year later! I am very pleased with my results given my circumstances and would highly recommend a consultation as it could be life changing and has given me the confidence to build my own and bring my best to the table in all aspects of life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart