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lamby_lamb 01/05/2015

Breast Reconstruction

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share my experience with any girls out there thinking about getting a breast augmentation. Looking for the right surgeon can be a very overwhelming experience and if you have had your breasts done or are thinking about it seriously then you know what I'm talking about. I searched websites and forums for years before a finally decided on my surgeon, the reason being is because i knew i wouldn't be eligible for the 'standard' breast augmentation that lots of girls can go i had tuberous breasts that most likely were going to complicated.

I was watching sunrise one morning and there was a story on a young woman who had serious complications from an overseas surgery, and she had gone to Dr Tavakoli to have them fixed. I went on his website and noticed he specialised in reconstructive surgery and had done some amazing results on tuberous breasts. I finally went for a consult with him after years of deliberating whether or not to go ahead and do it, i felt confident in him and his ability to sort my tube boobs out! Plus after reading into the risks involved in surgery's i also wanted a board certified surgeon who could fix any complication if it were to ever arise....and I'm very thankful that i did...

My surgery day went like a breeze, everybody was so lovely and comforting as i was so nervous! Dr Tavakoli recommended that i have tear drop shaped implants because i wanted a more natural look, and he chose moderate plus profile which i love because they are a bit wider and filled out my huge chest gap! He also did a benelli lift on my nipples to even them up in size and shape and did some fat transferring around the implants to fill out the lack off lower breast pole.

As soon as I looked at my boobs after the surgery I was stoked! Even tho they were swollen i finally had the breasts of a real woman and was over the moon. 

A few days later i did notice some swelling at the top of my right breast so i msg my surgeon straight away. Even tho it was the weekend and the office was closed Dr Tavakoli immediately got back to me with my concerns and asked me to come back to the surgery straight away after seeing the photo i sent him. He assembled a whole team of people together at a moments notice to sort everything out with my implant, then got me onto the right antibiotics.

Unfortunately i was unlucky to get some complications after my surgery but Thankfully Dr Tavakoli and his team got onto it straight away, Im really glad i trusted my gut and went with the surgeon i wanted. Dr T and his nurse Jess have shown the best follow up care ever, constantly checking on my well being.

I now love my results!