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Patient review

Aphrodite 05/05/2016

Breast Implant Revision

What can I say and where do I start. I had my primary breast augmentation done some years ago and required revision surgery. I have a very close friend who works in the industry as well as some limited experience myself from my previous surgeries. The advice I got from the people in the know was to go and see Dr Tavakoli and boy am I glad I did. I travelled interstate for my surgery which was scary enough. The girls in the office couldn't have been more delightful to deal with and they really helped make the process run smoothly. Ive now had surgery both locally and interstate and I can say that going interstate was not an issue at all. But the real star of this show is Dr Tavakoli. WOW. I dont know how to thank you enough. I waited to write this review so i could be sure i was 100% happy with my results and let me just say, I couldnt be happier. If you are like me and have a difficult case then you will need the best in the business and that is without a doubt Dr T. He really is the boob god. Without making light of this, his skill is second to none and I was absolutely blown away by the before and after photos of complicated breast cases he has done. When I had my primary augmentation I could never understand why people travelled interstate or overseas to see a particular surgeon but I will now eat my words. lanI am not sure that everyone will understand this but for those who require revision surgery, the process is a lot harder. We languish over whether or not we are making the same mistakes. agonise our surgeon choices, implant choices etc etc because we don't want to experience that disappointment a second time around. I am so grateful that my boobs dont just look normal now, they look great. I had an internal bra, fat grafting and exchange of implants as part of my revision surgery. For privacy reasons I havent put my pictures up but you can search for my username of the forum and read about my story. Im also happy to PM you my results :)