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Mr Kourosh Tavakoli

Kourosh Tavakoli

  • Dr Kourosh Tavakoli
  • Double Bay, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review

HKay 01/08/2015

I had otoplasty done a little over 2 weeks ago and after 3 years of research on both the surgery and the surgeon, I decided to go with Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli who is located in Sydney. I walked in and was assessed, informed of what the issues with my ears were, what the surgery would involve and the potential complications (which thankfully with this procedure there aren't many and in my case, none). He was thorough, explained the entire procedure in both technical and everyday terms that I would understand and left me excited and confident about the surgery. I booked the surgery in for the week after. It was a day surgery and I was out and awake in about 2-3 hours. The pain was minimal and bearable. Dr. Tavakoli came to see me after the surgery to see how I was feeling and let me know how the surgery went. I visited his office the next day to remove the bandages and was shown how to wear my headband and care for the wounds. Once I saw the result, I was shocked. I was shocked because I wasn't used to me looking at myself in the mirror and seeing what I had just seen. It was perfect! Swelling was inside the ear and not my entire face so I was able to see the result right then and there the day after surgery. I was impressed and hoped that when I was able to take the headband off for good, I would still be happy. 3 weeks in and I am no longer wearing the band, the stitches have dissolved, numbness is slightly noticeable (but it is normal for a few months after surgery) and I have never been more confident wearing my hair up and as a person in general. The level of professionalism, attitude, knowledge and passion he has for what he does is incredible and I would definitely recommend his work on otoplasty to anyone who is thinking about doing it.