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Patient review

jlaw 01/12/2016

Breast Implant Revision

I originally had my breast augmentation done in 2012. I had round 390cc implants and whilst they were okay, i never LOVED them, but they were better then what I had.

Flash forward a few years and I notice my left breast had taken on an odd shape and i had begun experiencing some pain.

I had bee an avid observer and admirer of Dr Tavakoi's work and found myself addicted to his snapchat where i saw some incredible revision outcomes.
I sent an email to the clinic and got a prompt response from Jennifer, Dr Tavakoli’s practice manager. I sent through my pics and we had organised a Skype consult with the big man himself.

I was so nervous but Dr Tavakoli was genuine and approachable on Skype and he instantly put me at ease. I knew fairly quickly i was going to go ahead and have revision surgery with him. There were certainly cheaper options out there for me but I was willing to pay the money for the best. 

those who have gone through this a second time will understand the anxiety and pressure you feel and i really needed to get this right.

fast forward to my surgery day. The team at ESPH were so lovely and i couldn't be more thankful.
We didn't know until Dr Tavakoli removed my old implants that my left had ruptured but that expand the pain capulsilation and odd shape in that breast.

I got 480cc wide anatomical impacts and some fat graffting. I cant tell you how happy i am. my boobs look so much better already and i could never have imagined achieving results like this.

Dr Tavakoli, Sheeva, Jennifer and Jess, thank you all so much for everything you did for me. I felt like part of the Dr Tav team and never once did anything feel like it was too much of a hassle.

From helping ease my anxiety to recommending breakfast cafes for this non sydneysider, they had everything covered.