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Mr Kourosh Tavakoli

Kourosh Tavakoli

  • Dr Kourosh Tavakoli
  • Double Bay, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review


Breast Augmentation

I recently had breast augmentation surgery in April this year after considering surgery for many years. From my initial consultation Dr Tavakoli and his staff made me feel comfortable and at ease in proceeding with my surgery. My day only procedure went well and on arrival back home I just rested for the next few days using ice packs to minimise any swelling or bruising which was minimal. My pain was managed with taking the regular prescribed medications for the first few days then just panadol. I gradually started gentle walks once the anaesthetic had worn off. As I could not train at the gym or run for 3 months walking in the sunshine was very therapeutic and kept me feeling positive. If you follow the instructions and don't cut corners you should recover well. I am now back running and boxing at the gym wearing the correct supportive sports bra and feeling confident and happy. All the best with your journey.