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Kourosh Tavakoli

  • Dr Kourosh Tavakoli
  • Double Bay, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review


Breast Augmentation

I had breast augmentation with Dr Tavakoli at the beginning of December. Words will never be enough to describe the joy this truly talented and genuinely caring surgeon has brought to my life. I have always been insecure of my flat chest and boyish figure. I had small C cup breasts when breast feeding my youngest (now 3) but went back to pancakes as soon as I stopped feeding. My family would make jokes to my husband about getting roof racks on his car so he could cart around his surfboard :/ Dr Tavakoli gave me 370cc anatomical implants for the most perfect has she or hasn't she look. I feel naturally in proportion and feminine for the first time in a long time. Dr Tavakoli truly is the breast master, the King of Boobs, the best of the best. He puts in so much passion into all his surgeries and outcomes and you can genuinely feel the pride he takes in his work. Evident by the fact that he includes things like liposuction to the axilla (underarms) because 'it detracts from the look of the perfect breasts he creates in patients" lol He is on the pricey side but well worth it. You dont just have surgery with Dr Tavakoli, you become part of his Dr Tav Angel community. I have already referred 2 friends who are having breast augmentation surgery with him in Feb and March.