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Mark Ashton

  • Professor Mark Ashton
  • East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Patient review

JADE89 01/08/2014

I've spent 2 years researching everything I could on breast augmentation before getting it done by Mark Ashton in 2014.

I had been to see one surgeon in Melbourne before meeting Mark. He was much more open to what I wanted to achieve in BA with size and shape, compared to the first surgeon I had a consult with. I was planning to see a third surgeon after Mark but I knew that from my first consult with him that I wanted him to be my surgeon 100%.

He was very approachable and really friendly and seemed extremely professional in plastic surgery. He had mentioned fully what to expect before considering BA and what the experience would be like, including aftercare.

Mark recommended if having a round implant to have it placed under the muscle (dual plane)as I didn't have much tissue underlying the upper chest wall. All other things like incision, size, texture, shape, silicon gel implants I had decided on these before meeting him and he was very open to all of that. He had noticed that I had slight asymmetry which I had noticed before to, and he recommended there wasn't enough asymmetry for different size implants in each breast.

If I had any questions that I had missed or organising myself before the surgery, pre op and post op, the ladies at the front desk including the nurse are always extremely happy to help with anything. Since post op Mark's aftercare has been extremely great.

At 9months post op I had one of my many check up/appointment and he had noticed my right breast is sitting about 1cm higher and isn't quite even/symmetrical to left breast. He has kindly recommended I come back into theatre so he can correct it, with zero costs. I'm more than happy to. He explained the correction/revision procedure, and what would be involved. He mentioned that he's abit of a perfectionist and would not want this to be the finish result and wants them to be as perfect as possible.

I'm very happy he wants his work to be perfect and making sure im 100% happy with results. I couldn't rate my surgeon better and i have absolutely zero doubts with he's professionalism. I would recommend him for anyone.