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Mr Mark Ashton

Mark Ashton

  • Professor Mark Ashton
  • East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Breast Augmentation

I’ve had a long running relationship with Professor Ashton starting 3 years ago with my first consult. I was instantly comfortable with Mark, not because of his warm gentle demeanour but because he was so confident with what he spoke about. I had already had a number of consults with other surgeons and had even been knocked back by one surgeon that in his words said “you’ll never be happy with the outcome”. Mark never made promises that couldn’t be kept. He told me from day one that I was not a straight forward case and I may require multiple surgeries to achieve the result I wanted. I booked in for my first surgery 6 weeks later. Immediately after my first surgery I was ecstatic and couldn’t believe how my new boobs looked and if I never had another operation I would have been content. Mark, true to his word, wanted to perfect what he started and I went on to have a further two smaller surgeries. The last one I had created a crease and gave me cleavage I had only ever dreamt of. Throughout all my surgeries I was comfortable and always felt well looked after. I never suffered any complications and could not be happier with my results. Mark is a true artist and his eye for perfection can only be of benefit to his patients. I would be happy to personally show all the photos throughout the past 3 years but I think ultimately the final result is the most important.