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Patient review

TheFox 01/03/2013

Breast Augmentation

From my very first consultation I knew that I had found 'the one'. Mark was open and honest and made me feel at ease.

As a typical type A personality, I had to research everything and anything about breast augmentation before deciding to go ahead with the procedure. Mark was patient in answering my questions and took the time to explain to me the how and why of my procedure and implant choices and placement. Mark felt that dual plane placement was best for my post children/breastfeeding breasts. I had thin skin on my chest and not a lot of tissue to cover the implant. On this basis, we definitely needed to go under the muscle. Dual plane was preferred because I would get the muscle covering the edges of the implant, but the bottom of the implant would be able to relax into the breast tissue, filling it out and creating somewhat of a lift for my slight ptosis.

At my consultation I had my two sisters. Both my sisters were also going to have breast augmentation and Mark knew this. What I really appreciated was that he kept the consultation about me and didnt once try and persuade my sisters to have their procedure with him.I left Marks office excited. Very excited.

I was ready to book my procedure in then and there however, I had also booked a consultation with another well known and reputable Plastic Surgeon here in Melbourne. I told the lovely practice manager Karen that I would be in touch by the end of the week to book in my surgery. I left my other consultation feeling even more sure of my decision to go with Mark. I just knew that Mark wouldnt leave me with unsatisfactory results, one way or another, I was going to get good results with Mark.

The day of my surgery was relaxed and went smoothly. Mark and I decided on 410cc implants minutes before we went into the operating room. I was that unsure of size that Mark was kind enough to make sure they had 6 different implant sizes there for me to choose from on the day.

My post op care could not have been better. I rotated my implant on day three post op (picking up my daughter when I shouldn't have) and Mark was quick to get me into surgery again to fix it.

I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I couldn't be happier in my choice of surgeon or implant. I feel like part of the family every time I am over at their offices. Karen, Sue, Jenna and Linda are so wonderful and I couldn't rave enough about my experience or my results. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Mark Ashton to anyone considering breast augmentation.