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 Mark Hanikeri

Mark Hanikeri

  • Mark Hanikeri
  • Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia
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Breast Augmentation

Mark and his team made my journey so easy! In my first phone call with Cheree she made sure I was considering the surgery for the right reasons and checked that I had done some of my own research. She was extremely informative and has been wonderful throughout the entire process. Mark has the perfect balance of professionalism while still making you feel comfortable and at ease. He covered absolutely everything I needed to know in our first meeting and made sure I was aware of all the potential risks involved with the surgery. We had a second appointment closer to the surgery to confirm size etc. I found it very beneficial to be able to meet with him again to cover questions I had thought of and to form a familiarity with him which made the surgery day much more comfortable. The day of the surgery could not have been easier. Marks calm demeanour helped me feel relaxed and stress free. Even the moments just before getting the general anaesthetic I felt completely safe and calm. The surgery had no complications, after waking up I was waited on hand and foot by all the lovely nurses. Since the surgery I have had four check up appointments all included in the original cost. I am so pleased with my experience and my results, if I were to do it again I wouldn't hesitate for a second returning to Mark and his wonderful team. Thank you Mark, Cheree and all the nurses involved for making this such an enjoyable journey!