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Mr Matthew Peters

Matthew Peters

  • Valley Plastic Surgery
  • Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
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Patient review

Basia 06/03/2018

We did our research. I asked around with other ladies in my support group who had had similar if not the same procedure done. I ran his name past all my health care professionals, and I'd gathered a few along my journey. They all had nothing but praise for Matthew Peters. I checked him out online, as you do, and read his bio and decided he was the man. From our first consultation with him (my husband and I), this surgeon inspired confidence in us. He was very friendly and attentive. We were provided with detailed information on the options available to us for this surgery, with this being followed up with informative written information. He was always great with answering my questions, no matter how small. The staff at his office, Valley Plastic Surgery, were very friendly and accommodating. When in comes to costs, we were pleasantly surprised with the fees charged, as his fees were far less than that of some surgeons we'd heard of. All of the above is great, but the bottom line is my health, the result of the surgey, and how I am recovery post surgery. This was bit surgery and it was scary. Waking up the second morning after surgery I wondered what the hell had I done this for. I felt tethered to the bed, so many attachments to my body, and the pain. All this just for two little mounds on my chest (the bad boys). That only lasted a day or two. Now, three months down the track, and I feel AWESOME. The work Matthew Peters has done on me is nothing short of amazing. I still look at my scars, (and I know I will still have all these scars across my body) and I am amazed at his handy work. I am amazed at how quickly I healed. The scars are so much finer than I imagined. I know I will still need some touch up surgery and that they will never be perfect, but he has done an amazing job and I could not have asked for anything better. The breast cancer has taken away a lot from me, but Matthew Peters has given me back a lot.