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Breast Augmentation

My journey for a breast augmentation 3 and a half years ago was an extremely positive experience. All my concerns and fears for surgery was put to rest when I met Peter and went through the process from the initial consultation to all of the post surgery visits and check ups. I am now 3 years in since my surgery and I am so happy and the process and the experience has changed my life. Before surgery Peter was very professional and explained things to me in detail and how I would feel after. I received good care and follow up calls from the clinic during my recovery and each and every check up over the past 3 years has been positive and gone well. I would recommend Peter to anyone who is contemplating a breast augmentation, his professionalism and great patient care has been exceptional. I am very happy with my new body and have the confidence now that I never had in the past. A big thank you to Peter and his staff, you have truly changed my life.