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Breast Reduction

Truly delighted Three months post breast reduction I am delighted with the results and like many women wish I had the courage to sign up for the surgery earlier. I feel lighter and have less back and shoulder pain. For many years my breasts felt and looked large and heavy. I put up with it thinking it was vain or extravagant to have surgery. Silly thinking but I'm glad I finally took the step. My surgeon Peter and the team at his clinic were incredibly supportive and explained the procedure well. I had little pain following the operation but did feel a little unwell from the anaesthetic although I also recovered from that. The scars healed very well and instructions about supportive bras and special tape for the scars helped me with home care. I realise we all react differently and outcomes can vary but I was fortunate it was a wonderful experience all round for me. I didn't keep photos because I was more interested in how I felt than how it looked.