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Peter Callan

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  • Geelong, Victoria, Australia
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I had always wanted to have my nose reduced in size as I always thought it was too long for my face and made my face look hard, especially as I aged. I did some research for Plastic Surgeons and also asked a retired Plastic Surgeon who was a friend and he told me Mr Peter Callan was the best Plastic Surgeon in Australia for noses. So I made an appointment and went and saw Mr Callan. From our first meeting I felt really comfortable with him. He listened to my concerns and what I wanted to achieve and he agreed with what I wanted to achieve and assured me that he could get that result for me. He took 3D photos of my face and edited the photos to show me what result he believed he could achieve for me. I loved the result of the photos and it showed me that he had listened to me and that we were both on the same page. That was very important to me. I needed to know that I could trust him and that he had heard me. I had the surgery in July 2019 and while I still have some swelling in the tip of my nose, I am very very happy with the result of the surgery. Mr Callan has been with me every step of the way through this journey and I feel very comfortable with him. His manner is gentle yet confident and self assured which I like. He is very honest and has given me his opinion whenever I have asked for it. He is a perfectionist and won't settle for a less than perfect result, and the result he agreed he could achieve. His staff are all wonderful also, a reflection of him I believe. Whenever I go into his offices, I am greeted by my name and his staff chat to me like I am a friend. I highly recommend Mr Peter Callan for any Plastic Surgery especially for nose jobs as this is his passion and speciality. I am delighted with my decision to chose Mr Peter Callan as my surgeon and I would do it again if I decide to have something else done.