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  • Geelong, Victoria, Australia
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Patient review

Nat69 14/03/2018


I had a septorhinoplasty done in 2010 by a reputable surgeon. It changed my appearance completely and I was both ashamed and embarrassed by this. I had a revision rhinoplasty done in 2012 by another reputable surgeon but he made it look worse, not natural at all. I have spent the last 3 years trying to find a surgeon who is very experienced in revision rhinoplasty. This was going to be my last shot at it and I did ALOT of research! Mr Peter Callan from Geelong was recommended to me by a plastic surgeon who admitted that there was actually only a handful of surgeons who are really skilled in revision rhinoplasty in Australia. I saw Peter last year and was very impressed with him. He told me exactly what needed to be fixed and how he was going to do it. I was able to see before and after photos of patients and the thing that struck me the most was how NORMAL their noses looked and how their face looked completely in balance. I booked in for the surgery and had it done on 30th November 2017. I cannot begin to explain how happy I am with my nose. It looks so normal and unoperated on. I enjoy looking in the mirror again (I hated looking at myself beforehand) and I can honestly say Mr Callan has given me my confidence and life back. He is lovely and so are his staff. I cannot recommend him highly enough!