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Breast Implant Revision

Needing revision breast surgery after having implants for 10 years I was really not looking forward to the surgery. My mother had been to Dr Callan for surgery before and recommended that I meet him. From the first visit I was confident that Dr Callan new exactly what needed to be done and I had no concerns about the surgery after meeting with Dr Callan. I felt Dr Callan was very diligent in his consultations right up until and on the day of surgery reviewing procedure and making sure I was comfortable with everything. After surgery my left breast had to be pinned quite high and it was a little concerning when I first saw the results. After Dr Callan explained why and reassured me that the left breast will drop within weeks and be symmetrical with my right breast by 6 months. I felt confident that I could trust Dr Callan and this is excatly what happened. Dr Callan and his staff are amazing, highly recommend.