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Patient review

Candice Burns 16/06/2016


I had Rhinoplasty in the past with a previous surgeon, Much to my surprise with the amount of money I spent, Once the swelling came down i found not a great deal of a difference. 2 years had passed and I began to notice my nose leaning back into shape, I went back to my surgeon and I was shocked when he told me that there was nothing he could do because cartilage has a memory and slight chance that was going to happen. I was absolutely devastated, I just wasn’t going to except it so i starting doing some research online & came across Peter Callan, knowing how fragile i was about the whole situation Peter was fantastic, I put my trust in him straight away, He told me what was doable and what wasn’t and i was more then happy. 2 years have past and my nose is exactly what i had wished for! I’m so happy, Great surgeon, Great person & would highly recommend him