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 Pouria Moradi

Pouria Moradi

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Patient review

misspedantic 01/01/2016

Breast Augmentation

I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have came across Dr Moradi and have him do my breast augmentation. I had seen 3 other top surgeons before him .One of the reasons why I chose him in the end was because he offers excellent correspondence with his patients, enabling them to email him directly and he always replies within a day. This communication allows his patients to share their thoughts ,concerns, photos etc. which helps him understand his patients and what they want. 

I was rather pedantic about the results I wanted and he was very knowledgable ,confident and realistic of what he thought he could achieve for me. The 3D stimulator was an exceptional tool in providing me with the ressurance and calmness when deciding what size to get.

I like that at East Sydney Hospital you can chose to have your medicine delivered to the hospital so you can go home with them unfortunately mine were not delivered in time (be mindful of the extra delivery cost). Moreover the badage/tape placed over my incisions were waterproof so I can shower as per normal. The fees I paid covered the post-op bra which I found convenient. By day 8 I stopped feeling pain , only when I sneezed/coughed .. the main discomfort comes from the tightness felt.) All discomfort stopped by day 16. Although it is only the early days of my recovery I have enjoyed my experience and am already really pleased with the results.

What other surgeons claimed that they could not achieve, he managed to exceed. If you are considering breast augmentation and would like to read more about my experience go to and search up ' BA experience with Dr Moradi (Sydney)'. I absolutely and highly recommend him.