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Mr Richard Rahdon

Richard Rahdon

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  • Geelong, Victoria, Australia
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Breast Augmentation

I've been wanting a breast augmentation for years after I lost a large amount of weight years ago. I spoke to some medical practitioners who were dismissive of my decision but the minute i spoke to Dr. Rahdon he made me feel like my needs and wants mattered to him. He sat down with me and i immediately felt relaxed, we decided on the best surgery for my body and he welcomed my opinion every step of the way. I had some extra queries leading up to the surgery and Dr. Rahdon was able to have numerous one on one appointments with me - despite being so busy - just so i could ask for his advice on my healing process. I was never made to feel like i was bothering him and he was so supportive. I was in the best hands with Dr. Rahdon, his work is amazing and i am extremely happy with the results. Ive kept my breasts around the same size but they have been lifted approximately 8cm's meaning i can walk around without a bra on and i don't have to hold my boobs when i jog. Its amazing! Once i went home after surgery Dr. Rahdon gave me tips on how to look after my fresh breasts and never made me feel that i was in this alone now that the surgery was over. My healing process has been great and I am so happy with my journey with Dr. Rahdon & Body Recon. I recommend Dr. Rahdon to anyone who is considering life changing surgery such as mine.