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Mr Richard Rahdon

Richard Rahdon

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  • Geelong, Victoria, Australia
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Tummy Tuck

I’d been thinking of having this done for such a long time and I just needed to get on with it. I did a fair amount of research and finally went to see Richard and explained my history and issue. The consult was fine though I felt a little rushed. While I was fairly clear about what I wanted I would have liked a bit of advise on other things which I thought I would have been given. It was completely my fault as I didn’t have the confidence to ask. I called reception to raise my question and Diane was great and said speak to Richard about my issue raised and he would advise me. I raised the issue that I had which was around how wide my thighs might look following my tummy tuck. Richard thought I would be fine but if need be would do some Lypo in that area. I booked in and I ended up with quite a quick cancellation. Richard was late on the morning of the surgery and I was already in the theatre, prepped and waiting for him when he came. Richard commented to me so tummy tuck and boobs to which my response was no just a tummy tuck. That worried me a little as again I just felt that if not had the opportunity to meet with Richard again that morning and I was already in theatre when he arrived. The surgery went well and Richard came to see me afterwards during the three days I was in hospital for and was genuinely interested in my recovery and how I was doing. I’ve had a follow up appointment and the surgery/recovery have gone perfectly fine. I’m very pleased with the surgery that I had on my tummy but I do wish that I had spent a little more time with Richard explaining my concerns about my thighs and I wish that I had the opportunity to mention it and remind him on the morning of the surgery. The lypo that was fleetingly mentioned when I spoke about my thigh concern wasn’t done and it’s certainly an issue for me and something now that I may look at having to deal with separately. Having said all this my consultation with Richard was for a tummy tuck and this procedure worked well and I am more than happy with the results of this. It has given me the desired outcome that I wanted. If I could change anything it would be to speak up a little louder in my concerns and I should have just made sure that I had the further conversation to remind Richard on the morning of the surgery about our conversation regardless as to whether he was running late or not. Would I use Richard again - absolutely I would and I have recommended him to a couple of friends who are also considering this surgery. His staff are also excellent.