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Richard Rahdon

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Patient review

chestylarue 26/11/2015

Breast Augmentation

My experience with Richard was absolutely incredible from start to finish. From the moment i walked into the Body Recon rooms i was made to feel comfortable. My initial consultation with Richard was faultless. He asked what i hoped to achieve from the surgery and assured me that he could make that possible. Adele sat in on this meeting and was a great help, having recently gone through the same procedure gave her the ability to answer the many questions i had. I booked my surgery then and there... two months felt like and awful long time to wait as i was so excited! But i had to fit the surgery in with my study schedule and my partners work. The countdown was on. I live 3 hours from Geelong so i travelled down the day prior to surgery, allowing enough time to get comfortable in the hotel and go out for a nice dinner before the nerves kicked in. The following morning i was pacing up and down the hotel room from 6am. I was to be at the hospital by 7am and was first surgery for the day. Richard came and saw me, as did my anaesthetist Paul Bent, both of whom eased my nerves slightly! Next thing i knew i was waking up in bed talking too much... and i had boobs! I wasn't in any pain at all (the drugs were still in full effect) and i felt great. It was around 10.30am by this stage. Richard came to check on me twice, as did Paul. they were both extremely happy with how the surgery went. My partner came to pick me up and i was out of the hospital by 1pm. I was a bit wobbly on my feet so i sent my partner to westfield to get me a big meal from schnitz... i'd heard a lot of girls feel unwell but i was just starving! I then slept all afternoon and most of the night pain free (and had another huge meal!) The following morning i went to see Richard at 8.30am for my check up and everything felt great. Then i faced the 3 hour drive home... obviously i couldn't drive but i couldn't even open my car door! it felt as though i had a 10kg weight on my chest. But i still felt pretty damn good. The painkillers made me slightly nauseous around day four but from there on in it was all smooth sailing. I slept through the nights, and began walking about 2km every day to keep my fitness up. I returned to the gym after about 5 weeks but did not do any upper body workouts for about 12 weeks. This was purely because i didn't feel comfortable doing it any earlier. Everyone is different. Im now six months post op, have had my last appointment with Richard and feeling great. I've had two laser sessions on my scars (free of charge!) but barely needed them as my scars are tiny anyway. Im sleeping on my side (and even my back sometimes) and filling out dresses i could never have pulled off before the surgery. My confidence has improved tenfold. I could not recommend this surgery, Richard, and the whole team at Body Recon any higher. If you are thinking about it, DO IT!