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Mr Richard Rahdon

Richard Rahdon

  • Body Recon
  • Geelong, Victoria, Australia
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Patient review

Kelly Little 03/05/2016


I had talked about getting my ears "pinned back" for years, when one day I had one of those "that's it!" moments . . . carpe diem stuff. I did a quick search on the procedure and surgeons in my area - Body Recon's website appeared with a video of an otoplasty procedure, perfect! Dr Richard Rahdon and his staff were very professional from the inital video/website view, booking service to the consult and my procedure on the day. Great raport followed the detailed step by step information that put any queries I had quickly to rest. I arrived at 12 noon in the surgical rooms and by 1:15pm I was walking out with a headscarf wrapped around my new ears with a big goofy grin on my face - not drug induced either! Dr Rahdon showed me my new ears before putting the headscarf on so I could instantly see and appreciate his handiwork - they were and remain perfect now! The recovery process was quite painful once the anaesthetic wore off (yikes!) but I had great pain releif to get me through and each follwing day it became better and better to manage. After about a week I could comfortably sleep normal again, even on my side with an extra pillow to soften the weight on my new lobes. I'm so happy I finally had the procedure done and Dr Rahdon with his lovely team at Body Recon made the process so easy for me. I just wish I had done this years ago! New hairstyles aplenty now! Thanks again Dr Rahdon & Body Recon - true pro's I couldn't reccomend highly enough - love your work!