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Richard Rahdon

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Patient review

Jade01 01/01/1970

Breast Augmentation, Tuberous Breast Deformity

Growing up, I would always compare my breasts to my sisters and friends. Mine were clearly different and made me feel extremely self-conscious and abnormal. I initially called the clinic in November, 2015 upon recommendation of a family friend and spoke with Dr Rahdon's personal assistant, Di, where I gathered information and confided in her my insecurities and suspicion of a condition called tuberous breasts. Di's beautiful manner, patience and understanding saw me book my initial consultation within 1hr of our first chat. Fast forward 1 month to December and my initial consultation with Dr Rahdon. I came to see Dr Rahdon desperate for a solution, where my suspicions of having tuberous breasts were confirmed. Dr Rahdon's beautiful bedside manner, knowledge, understanding of my insecurities and confidence of providing a solution I would be happy with were driving factors for me leaving my appointment, phoning my mum and letting her know "I've found my surgeon". February 18th was the day of my surgery. I arrived at the St. John of God day stay centre at 8am ready for admission. I met with the nurses, Dr Rahdon and the anaesthetist confirming our plan before heading into the operating theatre at 10am. I woke at 12:30pm feeling no more than pressure across my chest. After having a small snack, Dr Rahdon came to check on me before approving my discharge. Recovery was fantastic. I did not require strong pain medication and got by on Panadol for the first few days only. Tasks requiring little assistance in the first few days ranged from showering, getting dressed/undressed and getting up from a chair/bed. Since surgery, I have had numerous complimentary check ups (10 days, 3 months, 6 months and another scheduled for 9 months). From my early communications with Di, meeting Dr Rahdon at his cosmetic clinic, to now, I have been treated with the utmost care, professionalism and genuine bedside manner from Dr Rahdon and all of his amazing staff. I am confident in my choice of carers and am forever grateful for making me feel normal.