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 Sam Cunneen

Sam Cunneen

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  • West Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Patient review

Julie-Ann Clark 21/03/2016

Maxillofacial Surgery : Bimaxillary Advancement Surgery From the first visit with Dr Sam Cunneen I felt confident that my experience was going to be positive. He was the first Surgeon/ Specialist I have ever encountered (I am 55 years old and had numerous encounters with Surgeons and Specialists over the years) who made me feel I was not alone with my problem, and that there were real options available. Sam's knowledge, insight and understanding was so acute that I immediately also introduced my daughter to him (this is testament to the confidence that I have with Sam) as she had similar surgery years earlier that had failed and left her in a worse condition than previous. Apart from Sam's ability, I can say without any hesitate that he has most genuine bedside manner I have ever experienced, and this is what puts Sam well ahead of others in his field. I have to also mention that Sam's staff and team are of equally high calibre, but that they also share Sam’s level of patient care. It is early days since my surgery but so far I am confident that my Sleep Apnea has been completely corrected, and as an added bonus my profile is improved immensely. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Sam and his team.