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 Sam Cunneen

Sam Cunneen

  • Dr Sam Cunneen
  • West Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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Patient review

GregIW 01/04/2015

I was first referred to the good Sam Cuneen a year or two back for early stage, non metastatic, melanomas on my forehead. At that stage he carried out a series of excisions removing all of the tissue required. I was impressed not just by his dexterity and professionalism but also by his friendly help and advice. I am sure I am not alone in having been confronted from time to time by less than approachable clinicians who are even less informative. Rest assured Sam Cuneen is a frank and approachable person who with his team will ensure you receive the best advice and professional treatment in a friendly environment. Earlier this year my GP ordered a path test on an unusual lump on the LHS of my face. It proved to be a 2ndry metastatic melanoma - the location of the primary was never found which I was to learn is not unusual. I was referred to the excellent Perth Melanoma Advisory Service. Not long afterward, having picked up this news on his network, Sam called me by phone asking me to come into his practice. He had a long chat and made sure I was booked in for both CT anf PET scans as well as booking me in for prompt surgery at a wonderful hospital. After a meeting with the advisory panel I received advice on immediate and follow up treatment recommended for my case. Not long afterward in the days before Easter I was admitted to hospital and underwent 5 hours of surgery to remove the tumour, the superficial parotid (= salivary gland) and had the lymph node immediately downstream in my neck excised. As I lay on the table in the operating theatre I was relaxed and confident that I was in the best of hands with Sam Cuneen as my surgeon. After the operation I was given a good clear briefing on the results of the operation by Sam. Like all surgery the day after it was particularly "spectacular" but I suffered no great pain and the little I experienced was well managed. I was discharged several days later, the site of the surgery healed cleanly without any infection and within weeks I realised many people didn't even notice it. The dexterity of this fine surgeon's scalpel and needle work is reflected in the success of the operation and the inconspicuouseness of the surgey site eight months later. Sam Cuneen has continued to keep in touch and maintain an interest in my treatment. In the way of such things, another secondary melanoma popped up some months later which was speedily dealt with. In the course of my "journey" with melanoma, it is not unlikely that tumours will crop up again in future and within the limits of what surgery can achieve I will be grateful if Sam Cuneen's expertise will continue to be available if required. I have no hesitation in recommending Sam Cuneen as a fine surgeon.