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Mr Stephen Kleid

Stephen Kleid

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Patient review

cademort 21/04/2016


I was born with a crooked nose that became more noticeable as I got older. At 26, I made the decision to investigate rhinoplasty surgery and consulted Stephen Kleid after hearing excellent reports from friends that had undergone the procedure with him. At my initial consultation Stephen examined my nose and spent at least an hour explaining the surgery and sharing examples of his work. At no point did he try to rush my decision or apply pressure. Instead, he suggested I take time to consider the surgery and get back to him with any questions. Once I'd made the decision to move ahead he sent me to have pre-operative photographs taken at Metamorphics, who created a retouched version of my images to give me a sense of the results I might expect. A few months later I underwent the septoplasty/rhinoplasty at Masada Private Hospital. I was pretty uncomfortable for a week or so after the surgery as I wasn't able to breath through my nose, but this resolved itself as Stephen had advised. My plaster was removed a little over a week after surgery and despite the swelling, I was extremely pleased with the results - they were very close to the retouched images I'd received earlier. As the swelling settled over the following months I found my breathing improved as well - a very unexpected benefit of the surgery. I met with Stephen again for my 12-month post-operative review, at which point he offered to conduct another minor procedure to reduce a bump on one side of my nose at no additional out-of-pocket cost. I hadn't previously considered undergoing another round of surgery, but made the decision to go ahead based on his advice that the procedure would be far less invasive than the initial surgery. And I am very glad I did as it was a substantial improvement with very little recovery time. All in all, I would highly recommend Stephen Kleid to anyone considering undergoing septoplasty/rhinoplasty surgery, or any nasal procedure for that matter. For what it's worth, the hospital staff on both occasions were very quick to sing his praises too.