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Mr Stephen Kleid

Stephen Kleid

  • Melbourne ENT - St Kilda & East Melbourne)
  • St. Kilda East (Also in East Melbourne), Victoria, Australia
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Patient review

Tiff 28/04/2016


I am only 4-weeks post-op and already absolutely delighted with my result. After lots of research for a Rhinoplasty surgeon in Melbourne, I decided to make a consultation with Stephen and another surgeon. Prior to seeing Stephen, I met with Anne (Metamorphics) to have photos taken and imaging completed. Anne is the "architect" and spent a lot of time showing me different results, explaining the anatomy of the nose and setting realistic expectations. She indicated that Stephen was a fantastic surgeon (which I can now agree with). After seeing the imaging I was very eager to have it done. Stephen is the "builder" and after my consultation I knew that he was the right person for the job. He was not pushy (as I had expected all surgeons to be) and I could tell that he was a genuine and friendly person. I had a deviated septum, so it was comforting knowing that Stephen is well-qualified (ENT specialist) with years of experience. He thoroughly explained the anatomy of the nose, procedure and recovery as well as showing me similar results to what I was having done. Stephen ensures that the nose suits your face as a good rhinoplasty result is one that people don't notice (no-one is yet to notice mine). In terms of the procedure itself, it was quite a breeze! All the staff at the Masada Private Hospital were really lovely and helpful. After 1 week I met with Stephen to have my cast off and loved my results even with the swelling. I have a little trouble breathing in one nostril (but it is only a month post-op) and Stephen has mentioned that this could be fixed by a minor op down the track. I believe that the most important thing is that you don't set unrealistic expectations and find a surgeon who makes you feel comfortable both in terms of qualifications and philosophy. Based on my experience and result, I could not recommend Stephen Kleid highly enough.