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Mr Stephen Kleid

Stephen Kleid

  • Melbourne ENT - St Kilda & East Melbourne)
  • St. Kilda East (Also in East Melbourne), Victoria, Australia
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Patient review

Netta 16/12/2015


After a year of thorough research, and appointments with several different surgeons, we decided on Mr Kleid to perform my rhinoplasty. Our first consultation, although very professional, had allowed an emotional connection. Mr Kleid thoroughly explained the procedure and was open to answering any questions along with presenting many images of previous work. I left the consultation feeling very confident in the work he had to offer. Mr Kleid was very patient and empathetic. The surgery took around 3 hours, and even after the procedure, he took a big interest in my wellbeing. The stay at the hospital was overnight which allowed me to recover from the anaesthetic. I could not be happier with the result of my new nose. The change is miraculous although subtle as the nose appears so natural. I am currently 7 months into recovery and the rhinoplasty has made me a new, more confident person.