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Mr Stephen Kleid

Stephen Kleid

  • Melbourne ENT - St Kilda & East Melbourne)
  • St. Kilda East (Also in East Melbourne), Victoria, Australia
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Patient review

Eleni Chimonis 01/01/1970


Mr Kleid is most, professional, well- spoken, regimented, nicest specialist that I have ever visited! I was recommended to Mr Kleid by my maxillofacial surgeon, and i am glad i was, during my first visit I was bit nervous and not sure what to except but Mr Kleid made sure that I felt comfortable and we talked abit about the procedure that I wanted to have done (septorhinoplasty) what was involved and the risks etc. Mr Kleid took some photos looked at my x rays and we went from there. Mr Kleid never forced me to do anything that I did not want myself to do and straight away I knew he was the perfect surgeon for me! Later on computer imaging was performed and i was shown what my face would look like after the surgery and I waited only 2 months or so to have the procedure, which was not long at all! I had the procedure of septorhinoplasty performed by Mr Kleid as well as removal of 4 wisdom teeth and a chin implant performed by a maxillofacial surgeon. The surgery and recovery process went terrific, I was extremely pleased with minimal pain and discomfort. The appearance of my face is exactly what I was told it would look like and the results are phenomenal. I recommend Mr Kleid with all my heart. He is not just good at his job he performs miricales and deserves every single fee that he receives. Don't believe me? See for yourself.