Cosmetic Journey is the leading online platform for plastic and cosmetic surgery in the Asia Pacific.

Founded in Australia

Cosmetic Journey started life as The Plastic Surgery Forum (otherwise known as PSF) and was first established in 2006 by Adelaide-born Emily Scott. It quickly grew into Australia’s largest cosmetic surgery community with over 20,000 members.

We reached a point where we offer much more than a forum, and patients are using the platform to research, discuss, engage and then feedback on their own personal journey. It’s that journey that we rebranded around and PSF officially became Cosmetic Journey with a new home at

An engaged community

Like Scott, who launched the forum to seek information and advice on plastic surgery following her first-time birth to twins, Cosmetic Journey’s thriving, active community of over 10,000 subscribers is highly engaged, loyal and supportive.

With users located in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, our focus is on providing a superior online experience, harnessing a well-moderated, trustworthy and informal online space for people who are considering, having or recovering from cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Company setup

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