I suffer from neuropathic pain, can I still get breast implants?

I suffer from neuropathic pain in my left arm and left breast. It travels all the way from my left breast into my armpit and down my arm, and occasionally my hand. This is often accompanied with heart palpations. I have done tests and I have been told that the...read more

Jasmin 07/03/2018 Australia

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Confused on what size to go witj breast augmentation-been told 2 different things

Hi I’m about 167cm high and 54kg. I’m about a 10a at the moment and am Wanting a full round look. One dr told me no bigger then 375cc as I am quite small framed. Another doctor was happy to put 400cc in me, they didn’t look that different are all cc’s ...read more

28/02/2018 Australia

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Do you need an implant exchange during a revision

I've been told I need a revision for double bubble and lateral displacement. It's being covered by ACC. I wanted to know if during the operation the implants need to be exchanged or are the same ones re used/kept in

rachelcloud 27/02/2018 New Zealand

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Recommendations doubts

I want to go toThailand to do a mummy makeover,I sent all info in regards to asses and have been told I also need a breast lift and extended tummy tuck.I have done some research and looked at before and after pics of others and some that have had fairly droopy...read more

22/02/2018 NSW

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Do I need a breast lift or another procedure

Original breast implants 1993. After two years, left breast implant spontaneously ruptured, and was removed and replaced. Following this second proceudure, the left breast was mishaped, and both breast implants then revised in 2013. This did not correct the...read more

No Account 19/02/2018 WA

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Breast implant illness...... thoughts????

Hi all. I am having breast implant surgery in 2 weeks and have been super excited, until today when a friend sent me articles on BII (breast implant illness). What is everyone's thoughts and experiences with this? Any information or opinions appreciated. Thank...read more

kittykat74 18/02/2018 QLD

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Do I have tuberous breast deformity?

I am a 19 year old female and my breasts are super odd and I am considering surgery I’m not sure what this is but it looks ridiculous. I don’t know if I’m a late bloomer or if my hormones are off. The only thing I seem to be low in is sex binding hormone...read more

18/02/2018 Australia

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Who Pays?

Hi I have 410's under the muscle put in in 2011 recently I have had pain in the left breast so went for an ultrasound the ultrasound found a 13 x 4 mm collection of fluid within the implant wall and capsule. I would like them removed because of the risk of Bre...read more

30/01/2018 WA

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What can I expect from implant removal in conjunction with a lift? wish breasts and mine while breastfeeding baby2 2016.

Had implants placed above the muscle at age 18, 10B before surgery and 12DD after. They have been in for almost 6years and I have struggled with severe rippling and radiating pains approximately 3years. Was in a DV relationship for 7 years and pressured into t...read more

HollyRose 25/01/2018 QLD

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Breast reduction

I spoke to my go about getting a reduction in my breast what is the recommended size to go my breast are a size g cup in a bra and this is going to be my first surgery and do Medicare pay for it all cause she recommends me getting my breasts reducted how long ...read more

21/01/2018 NSW

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Revision after facial surgery gave me nerve damage

Hello there, 5 years ago Dr Simon Rosenbaum gave me a lower facelift that gave me nerve damage. A year later he tried to fix it and made it worse. He refunded me and I signed papers saying I wouldn't sue and he would help me. I've been having botox and fill...read more

Teresa 20/01/2018 VIC

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I really really don’t want a lift

I have already had a consult with a plastic surgeon and I am due to have another one soon, but I really really don’t want a lift, but do I have any options? I don’t like the look of a lift on its own, nor the nipple scarring and I have been told a lift and...read more

Net84 18/01/2018 QLD

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Is there a difference between destination beauty and cosmitour

Looking into getting some work done. Mostly looking a Boob job and rynaplasty for my nose. Was wondering if there's any difference between these 2 company. So far from research it looks like destination beauty is cheaper but not sure if they hav Australian su...read more

Courious 09/01/2018 Australia

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Lipo & chin implant

I am in my late 30’s and have a weak, double chin due to genes (not weight). I would like to get a small implant & have liposuction on it. Will these two procedures exacerbate the sagging around my mouth by pulling down my skin, reduce sagging by tightening...read more

05/01/2018 QLD

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Abdominal Scar revision or apronectomy & BA or BA+ lift

I am 40 years old considering a mummy makeover. Ideally I would like to achieve fuller more symmetrical, perkier breasts. My question is if I had a lift alone would my breasts then look fuller albeit smaller or Is BA the only way of achieving fullness. If I we...read more

03/01/2018 QLD

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How much does it cost and how old do you have to be for a breast augmentation?

How much does it cost and how old do you have to be for a breast augmentation?

29/12/2017 QLD

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Restore symmetry 15 years after nasal trauma

I sustained nasal trauma 15 years ago, and did not receive treatment. Based on the pictures I have provided, what is going wrong? How much symmetry can be restored to the nose, lip, and cheeks?

29/12/2017 Australia

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Breast lift and anesthesia

Do you need general aesthetic for a breast lift? I have a fear of general anesthetic. And hoping there are procedures that can be done with local anaesthetic

Jasmin 21/12/2017 Australia

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Is breast implant related illness real?

I have come across a few facebook groups and online websites that claim breast implants can cause illnesses such as IBS, hormonal issues, fatigue, brain fog, thyroid issues etc Is this a legitimate concern I should have, is there any scientific basis for thes...read more

BMurph 20/12/2017 Australia

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Cancer and breast implant

I had (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and underwent 2 years of chemotherapy. Would getting breast implants be dangerous for me?

05/12/2017 QLD

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Wanting a natural look but great upper pole Round of Tear drop

Trying to pick shape of implant. Would love some thoughts. Thank you I’m currently a 12A/B

Noodles 10/11/2017 WA

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should I get this breast revised?

I'm 6mths po and my right breast has never been the same as the left. It's always been fuller up top and my nipples seem to point in different directions. I'm meeting the surgeon in 2 weeks to decide whether it should be revised. He thought capsular contractur...read more

researchcrazy12 31/10/2017 WA

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Can you fly after surgery??

How soon after Breast Augmentation survey can you fly? Or is there no issue?

rock#3 28/10/2017 QLD

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How much for this procedure

I need lipo, breast lift, tummy, eyes,

Kay sargentson 24/10/2017 NSW

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Implant feeling

3mth po feels like I have a implant in my whole torso all numb from breasts to hips I can bend kids over excercise ball as per dr. Will this feeling ever go away and ext tight from navel to pubic region at 3 mth all else norm

Becky70 11/10/2017 Australia

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Unhappy with BA. Can symmetry be achieved with breast revision/correction?

I had my breast augmentation Dec 2015. I have never been happy with the results. I understand perfect symmetry cannot be achieved, however I have two very different breasts. My left upper pole slope is bulky, round and appears to be riding high in comparison t...read more

Kylie1991 08/09/2017 NSW

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QLD Mummy Makeover

Im a Mum of 3, youngest being 10 months old! I have muscle separation and all the other great stuff - apron, love handles etc. Can anybody advise if Medicare still rebate for BA or TT? I was going to go overseas for it but my partner doesn't want me to, so we ...read more

CM83 28/08/2017 QLD

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Can I get bigger implants with more cleavage?

I am just over 1 month post op with 450cc smooth round hp overs. I am extremely unhappy with the result. They're very lateral, far too small still for my frame & have a huge gap inbetween. My surgeon said the size won't change much from here. Can I increase my...read more

rhirhiK 17/08/2017 Australia

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Flat shape on side of breast

I'm 5 months post op and have had a weird shape from my implants since post op 2 months. I have a flat area on each of the sides of my breasts, also my side boob is terrible due to the muscle. My surgeon has advised this will go by 6 months that my muscle need...read more

Ba_journey04.17 17/08/2017 Australia

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Round or Anatomical Implants for Natural but Full Looking Breasts

I am currently a 10a wanting a natural but full C cup. Cannot decide between medium profile 380cc Round under the muscle recommended to me or Allergan Natrelle 410 Shaped Gel Teardrop recommended by another surgeon. Can I get a natural and full look from round...read more

E1098 12/08/2017 QLD

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