250cc BA Incision Issue 1 week post- opinions appreciated

I had a BA a week ago. I realise there is a lot of swelling etc, but it appears that my incisions are very straight/high giving my breasts a shelf appearance. My surgeon tells me over time they will round, but I have never seen images like this despite a lot o...read more

Uncertain 07/10/2019 NSW

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Do I need a lift?

I'm wanting a BA done but would like a professional opinion on whether I'd need a lift also.

Anonymous 10/07/2019 Australia

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Re -Opening a TT wound 8 days later

My TT wound oozed from the first day . I kept going back to my Dr in tears of pain he disregarded me . A week later a different plastic surgeon saw me and said he needs to reopen it and let the infection out . I have a massive open wound thy is healing slowly ...read more

Anonymous 01/07/2019 QLD

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Can filler correct facial asymmetry?

I'm looking for someone who is confident at injecting filler into cheeks and nose. I have read multiple accounts of the dangers of the nasal area and would like someone who not only knows how to minimise risk but also has a fine eye to create a harmonic profil...read more

Anonymous 07/06/2019 NSW

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Hi I am interested in rhinoplasty and also my forehead is flat , any suggestions?

On the second photo shows oriented result

Anonymous 06/06/2019 ACT

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One breast bigger and lower is this normal?

Hi i had breast lift and augment and one breast is now lower and bigger than other. What is happening here please give me advice. I am 6 weeks post op and scared. Is this normal part of settling?

Kitten_94 27/05/2019 Australia

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Breast augmentation

I am looking at getting a breast augmentation done. Do you think I need a lift? I am not after larger breast but want to improve them after children with a bit of fullness at the top. I have been reserching minimal scarring techniques as that bothers me.techni...read more

Anonymous 10/05/2019 Australia

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Will double bubble correct it's self? What's involved in revision surgery to fix this? Who would be best to doit?

Surgery done late March 2019 for breast augmentation. Double bubble start to show 3 weeks post surgery. It looks so bad but is worse when I flex. I can even look at my breasts now. The surgeon that preformed the BA said to wait 12 months and see if it correct...read more

Tiny titts 30/04/2019 WA

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What is involved and who is the best in WA to Breast revision surgery due double bubble

I have developed double bubble quite quickly post surgery. Just wanting to know what's involved in Breast revision surgery to fix it? And who is the best surgeon in WA to deal with this issue?

Anonymous 29/04/2019 WA

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Back pain after breast implants

I am 5'2" 120 lbs I was a small b before 485 cc implants 9 days ago. Since day 3 my back pain is killing me boob pain not so bad .will this pain go away? How long can pain be expected?

Stacyb 26/04/2019 WA

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I’m am 6 weeks will my other Brest drop?

I’m am 6 weeks will my other Brest drop? I’m scared that my other Brest not going to drop!

Anonymous 10/04/2019 VIC

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Am I a sutiable candidate for BA?

I have been hoping to undergo breast augmentation for many years, I am not happy with my breast size or shape and am hoping this procedure will give me more confidence. Judging from my pictures would I be a suitable candidate for this type of surgery? After do...read more

Jamball 13/03/2019 NSW

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Am i suitable candidate for BA?

Hi, I am hoping to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Have been unhappy with the shape and size of my breasts since puberty. Would I be a suitable candidate for this procedure? I feel like my breasts are slightly tuberous and may make my journey to surger...read more

Jamball 12/03/2019 NSW

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Which procedure best for Saggy thighs (circumferential)

My outer thighs, back of the thighs, heavy bottom and lower back, and inner thighs. I just don't know which combinations of procedure would achieve best results for my case 1) outer thighs lift vertical scar hip to knee + inner thighs lift also vertical hip to...read more

Anonymous 09/02/2019 NSW

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what should I do about my botched labiaplasty?

I had the surgery in 2011, after 2 return surgeries due to stitching falling away before it was healed, I had a 3rd surgery. Instead of restitching the labia, the surgeon cut away more of it and left a piece at the bottom seperate-leaving me with two labias on...read more

melindaanne101 09/02/2019 WA

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Should a surgeon fix my breasts for free if one is the wrong size?

I had my breasts done in December 2015, and I have been aware that the right breast is slightly droopier and less full than the left, and is slightly doubled over at the crease. I had the procedure done in Phuket, so I avoided taking action against it. They ar...read more

melindaanne101 09/02/2019 WA

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Do I need a lift with Argumentation?

Im wanting a natural, full breast D-DD. Im currently a 12B-C Will I be able to achieve a natural looking breast without getting a lift?

lolaaforde 12/01/2019 NSW

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Do I have tuberous breasts? Cab implants fix the shape and un-eveness? Who to see in Brisbane?

I’ve been wanting to get breast implants for years as I always hated the size and shape of my breasts. My breasts are uneven in shape and size. One seems slightly deformed and also has a weird larger nipple. While researching breast augmentation and surgeons...read more

Anonymous 10/01/2019 QLD

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Second opinion? High or moderate profile or teardrop?

At consultation Plastic surgeon recommended 450 cc in right and 425 in left of high profile textured silicon implants dual plane. Want to achieve an upper breast from dropping after breastfeeding, bigger size and more semmetry but want natural shaped with sli...read more

Anonymous 16/12/2018 NSW

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What are the risks of getting implants with lupus anticoagulant.

As I've been told there wouldn't be any just concerned before I go ahead with the procedure.

Christina F 14/12/2018 SA

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Am I a candidate for a areola reduction/bennellini?

Hello I've breastfed 2 kids and my breast feel saggy. I do NOT want implants (so please do not suggest this because I firmly do not want them) but rather interested in a small lift. Can i get away with a bennellini lift only as my breast do not sag an awful l...read more

Anonymous 10/12/2018 Australia

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Is this likely to be just swelling?

I have had a breast implant revision surgery 5 weeks ago. My new implants are very close with no gap in the clevage and the skin between is raised from the sternum. I have phoned my surgeon who has indicated that is probably just swelling & give it 3-6 months,...read more

Paddy0351 29/11/2018 WA

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Bony sternum following breast implants

I had breast augmentation with mini motiva implants under the muscle in May. Once my swelling went away I noticed my sternum was a little bony. Now I have been eating well and excercising and lost 4kg and it is quite bony and I feel self conscious about it I ...read more

Watergirl 14/11/2018 NSW

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Tuberous ?

Hello, I'm wanting to have a breast augmentation as I'm currently small A/b cup. I want to go to a C/D/E? I'm unsure if i have tuberous breasts? Will this be more than a simple BA?

Anonymous 24/10/2018 Australia

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Hello, I've yet to attend my consultation however I'm sure I have tuberous breasts. Could you please let me know the best way to correct this ? I'm a 36a, I wanted implants to take me to a full C/D

Anonymous 23/10/2018 Australia

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Getting a BA after a lift and recovery

I had a breast lift nearly 15 years ago, they still sit quite nicely but would like some fullness so am considering a BA. Can I still get BA even though I had a lift so many years ago? Also, I operate trucks on a mine site, how long would I need to recover fro...read more

Anonymous 01/10/2018 QLD

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Have you come across this reaction to Vaser Lipo?

Hi there, just wondering if you’ve come across this type of reaction to Vader Lipo before? Lumps n bumps starts 1-2 weeks after op, at week 4 I had cortisone injected with no improvement. Week 6 I had my plasma injected. I’m at week 8 now am no major chang...read more

Anonymous 20/09/2018 Australia

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Do I need a lift?

I'm planning to remove my 345-375cc silicone subglandular implants. Do I need a lift or could I still have a good result without one?

Anonymous 19/09/2018 Australia

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Please advice

I’m a healthy 39 years old asian and residing in Melbourne. I have a AA cup and wanted to ask for advice. I’m wondering the optimal age to do breast augmentation and whether it’s too late for me at this age. I’m 39 but fortunately I look like less than...read more

Ming 31/08/2018 VIC

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Best surgeon to do a Rhinoplasty in QLD please help!!

I’m wanting to get a rhinoplasty as my nose is crooked and out of proportion to my face.

Anonymous 15/08/2018 QLD

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