Cancer and breast implant

I had (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and underwent 2 years of chemotherapy. Would getting breast implants be dangerous for me? 05/12/2017 QLD

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Wanting a natural look but great upper pole Round of Tear drop

Trying to pick shape of implant. Would love some thoughts. Thank you I’m currently a 12A/B

Noodles 10/11/2017 WA

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should I get this breast revised?

I'm 6mths po and my right breast has never been the same as the left. It's always been fuller up top and my nipples seem to point in different directions. I'm meeting the surgeon in 2 weeks to decide whether it should be revised. He thought capsular more

researchcrazy12 31/10/2017 WA

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Can you fly after surgery??

How soon after Breast Augmentation survey can you fly? Or is there no issue?

rock#3 28/10/2017 QLD

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How much for this procedure

I need lipo, breast lift, tummy, eyes,

Kay sargentson 24/10/2017 NSW

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Implant feeling

3mth po feels like I have a implant in my whole torso all numb from breasts to hips I can bend kids over excercise ball as per dr. Will this feeling ever go away and ext tight from navel to pubic region at 3 mth all else norm

Becky70 11/10/2017 Australia

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Unhappy with BA. Can symmetry be achieved with breast revision/correction?

I had my breast augmentation Dec 2015. I have never been happy with the results. I understand perfect symmetry cannot be achieved, however I have two very different breasts. My left upper pole slope is bulky, round and appears to be riding high in comparison more

Kylie1991 08/09/2017 NSW

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QLD Mummy Makeover

Im a Mum of 3, youngest being 10 months old! I have muscle separation and all the other great stuff - apron, love handles etc. Can anybody advise if Medicare still rebate for BA or TT? I was going to go overseas for it but my partner doesn't want me to, so we more

CM83 28/08/2017 QLD

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Can I get bigger implants with more cleavage?

I am just over 1 month post op with 450cc smooth round hp overs. I am extremely unhappy with the result. They're very lateral, far too small still for my frame & have a huge gap inbetween. My surgeon said the size won't change much from here. Can I increase more

rhirhiK 17/08/2017 Australia

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Flat shape on side of breast

I'm 5 months post op and have had a weird shape from my implants since post op 2 months. I have a flat area on each of the sides of my breasts, also my side boob is terrible due to the muscle. My surgeon has advised this will go by 6 months that my muscle more

Ba_journey04.17 17/08/2017 Australia

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Round or Anatomical Implants for Natural but Full Looking Breasts

I am currently a 10a wanting a natural but full C cup. Cannot decide between medium profile 380cc Round under the muscle recommended to me or Allergan Natrelle 410 Shaped Gel Teardrop recommended by another surgeon. Can I get a natural and full look from more

E1098 12/08/2017 QLD

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Help Please! Earlobe Reduction

Help! Can't get replies under Otoplasty. I'm a 64yo woman with large earlobes,saggy from both age and wearing of large hoop earrings. I am self conscious about this. I have seen two plastic surgeons, who both advise that to reduce the lobes they would use the more

Suz 10/08/2017 VIC

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I'm on day 5 of recovery and feeling horrible depressed. I feel like my breasts are rocks, which I understand is normal, but they also feel so foreign to my body. I'm at the point if wanting the implants removed. Is this common to feel like this? Will it get more

Mochi 02/08/2017 NT

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Earlobe Reduction Advice - Help Please!

I am a woman in my sixities and I am thinking of having this procedure done. I am self conscious about showing my ears. In my younger years I always wore large hoop earrings. I think that this, combined with the gravity that comes with age, has given my more

Suz 26/07/2017 VIC

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I am not happy with my reduction/lift results. My breasts sag at the bottom and are flat up the top and they are squared shaped. Has there been too much heavy tissue left that has caused this? Can a revision fix it if so how? I expressed my concerns at my 3 more

flossy 23/07/2017 QLD

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Lip fillers

I have been receiving conflicting information about the best lip filler products. Is Juvadem Ultra Plus or Princess Gold better? I want something thick and lasts the longest. Please help

Addie 01/06/2017 NSW

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Draining a saline implant

Hi, I have a collapsed left saline breast implant, I can't afford to get them replaced. I'd like to get my right implant drained to at least have a bit of symmetry back & a lovely surgeon suggested I could have this done & then go on a public hospital waiting more

Mellycarty15 27/05/2017 NSW

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Costs for getting breast implants removed

Hi, my left saline implant seems to have ruptured. I live in northern Nsw but closer to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. I don't have private cover. Is there any way I can get this done in a public hospital? I can't afford to get the implants replaced unless I more

Mellycarty15 16/05/2017 QLD

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What are the risks/issues associated with repairing a recession of nasal wall by filling with free-diced cartridge?

I recently underwent my 3rd revision rhinoplasty. During the 2nd revision surgery nasal bone was shaved on the left side and this resulted in a recession of the left nasal bone. The Dr. recommended filling the recession with free-diced rib cartridge in a more

silke mc 14/05/2017 SA

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How to fix post-pregnancy loose tummy skin?

I am wondering what my options are to fix loose skin around my belly button and flatten my stomach. I have been looking into a non-surgical solution and it has been suggested to me (by a cosmetic surgeon) to have 3 treatments of Infini RF (micro-needling) and more

TJmummy 14/05/2017 SA

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Worried about risks

Hey I wondering is there a massive risk with breast implants and bacteria infections or cancer, I'm worried I went to a great doctors just saw a news report

Babyj 10/05/2017 SA

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Type and Method for BA for Pole Dancer

Im an athletic B Cup who does Pole Dancing and Aerials as a sport. I dont compete but train 3-4 times a week. Im booked for surgery to get a BA and im now concerned about the type and method. Ive gone for dual plane teardrop. i know thats best for the more

Nelly22 09/05/2017 NSW

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Surgeon Needed

I have just had one implant removed because stitches didn't hold and implant pertruded. I now have one Breast with an implant and one without . I'm looking for a surgeon to take on care now iv had the implant removed and help me arrange for the implant to get more

SamanthaDeMercurio 29/04/2017 VIC

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jaw slimming

how long do the results of jaw slimming with botox last? i hate my jaw and heard you can use botox to slim your face?

monicaa 24/04/2017 VIC

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lip augmentation

I really want to get my lips done but i have heard some real horror stories - is it possible to remove the filler if you dont like it and how long will my results last? is there a benefit in seeing a plastic surgeon for fillers over a cosmetic nurse injector? more

monicaa 24/04/2017 VIC

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composite or porcelain veneers

I know that porcelain veneers are more expensive and better quality then composite veneers but are composite veneers still worth it? Or should i just save up for porcelain? thank you

luscious_linda 24/04/2017 NSW

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Breast reduction & BA

Hi there i have big breast that are 2 different sizes and rather saggy. Is it possible to get All of my natural breast tissue out and cut off saggy skin and just have breast implants in to have them more perky? If so what would this be called? I dont want a more

MysticalM 08/04/2017 WA

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Capsular contracture revision surgery, breast still deformed.

I am just wondering if you think my breast will settle more. I had breast revision surgery for capsular contracture 3 weeks ago dual plane, 420cc bilateral periareolar incision (reused old scars) I still have an indent which I had pre op and I notice the more

Jessarnold44 22/03/2017 QLD

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Sagging breast implants

Does anyone else have saggy boobs now since having surgery? I am so disappointment with them..I have so much underboob and barely any cleavage. I used to be a B cup and have always had a low nipple placement, but now that they are a DD it seems like the skin more

melindaanne101 11/03/2017 WA

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Will I be able to achieve a D cup size?

My surgery is next month, and I'm worried that the implant I've chosen, round moderate profile 285cc, won't get me to the cup size I want. I am between a 10A/10B. I want to end up with a D cup size. Should I get another consultation and see what my more

EmmaG1993 11/03/2017 QLD

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