Please advice

I’m a healthy 39 years old asian and residing in Melbourne. I have a AA cup and wanted to ask for advice. I’m wondering the optimal age to do breast augmentation and whether it’s too late for me at this age. I’m 39 but fortunately I look like less more

Ming 31/08/2018 VIC

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Best surgeon to do a Rhinoplasty in QLD please help!!

I’m wanting to get a rhinoplasty as my nose is crooked and out of proportion to my face.

15/08/2018 QLD

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Can you improve my butt? What kind of surgery do you recommend? thanks

Can you improve my butt? What kind of surgery do you recommend? many thanks

14/08/2018 Australia

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What to do

I had a breast reduction surgery on July 9th, I’m not sure what to do with my right breast. It seems to look a little like an infection but I don’t know. I’ve seen my family doctor and he said it is nothing to worry about but I have my concerns. What more

27/07/2018 Australia

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Are my goal breasts realistic and attainable?

I'm having my 6 year old subglandular implants removed with a lift and wanted to know if my goal breasts are a realistic expectation? Could mine look like that or similar? I don't want my areolas reduced, I know they will shrink after I finish breastfeeding more

24/07/2018 Australia

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Do I have tumerous breasts?

Does it look like I have tumoreous breasts? And can it affect the size I want to go? I’d like to go quiet large

05/07/2018 VIC

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I had my breast done about 5 years ago I’ve had a baby about 3 months ago

Dose it cost the same amount to do breast implants

26/06/2018 QLD

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Rhinos Surgeon recommendations Sydney

I’ve been looking for surgeons for a while and finding so many reviews that are contradicting to other ones I need help!! I have an ethnic looking nose and I wanting to get it reshaped

23/06/2018 NSW

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I am wanting to go to a full D or possibly a DD is this possible?

I’m an A cup at the moment and have always wanted fuller breast, it would be a dream come true if I was able to go to a full DD. Also can I get recommendations on shape of implant that would be ideal for my breasts

10/06/2018 Australia

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Lift or No Lift?

Im wanting a natural, full breast D-DD. Im currently a 10B-C Will I be able to achieve a natural looking breast without lift? I am not concerned with a small amount of sagging. Thanks.

A Barber 08/06/2018 ACT

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Do I require a breast lift if my goal size is quite large?

I am 26 and child free, currently have between d-dd breasts that look full in a bra but droop to the point it really effects my mental health. My concern with a lift is I would be trading sagging for scars. Because I would like to have very large breasts more

03/06/2018 Australia

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How long should I wait after finding a ruptured implant?

Hello, I have a ruptured silicone implant, which has bleed to my lymph nodes. How long should I wait to have it removed? It has been approximately three months, as initially we thought it was a rib fracture. I have rib, shoulder and under arm pain to more

AJB77 30/05/2018 WA

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Symmastia repair

Initial BA was just over 2 yrs ago. Eurosilicone 310cc BWD 12. Right breast was always tight after surgery and after 12 mths developed mild capsular contraction. PS operated 18 months later. PS moved implants together lightly, sutured sides of breast to more

Butterflybak 30/05/2018 QLD

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How do I fix this?

I am very upset with my asymmetrical lopsided breasts. I am 2 years post op and my right breast (lower one) aches all the time. What can I do to fix them and make them more even? Thanks

Cuddlybear 27/05/2018 QLD

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Breast has gone weird shape!?!?! Why???

I had a revision 9 months ago and the results were fantastic.... until yesterday night, I took my bra off and saw this horrible looking boob (see picture). It’s been abit achey the last few days and has been looking a little off but I didn’t think it was more

Kaaycee 19/05/2018 NSW

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Breast augmentation + nipple surgery

Is it possible to have a breast augmentation and have my nipples decreased in size? I have slightly saggy breasts (have not been pregnant or had children) and nipples that I think are too large. If I was to get a breast augmentation, would I also be able to more

09/05/2018 VIC

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Breast Augmentation at 18?

My younger cousin has always been insecure about her breast size. To be specific, she has been insecure about it since she was 13 & she is now 17, turning 18 soon. She often comes to me and asks me questions about breast augmentation. I myself have never had more

06/05/2018 NSW

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Is it safe to have lip fillers if you have a lip piercing?

I had lip fillers before i got my Verticle lip piercing. I’ve just booked in for more in July! I’m just wondering if having my lip piercing would effect the lip fillers in anyway? Also, would it be ok to take the piercing out before the fillers then put more

shannonloux 01/05/2018 Australia

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Would I be suitable for Breast reduction?

165cm, 60kg, 44 years. I am really fed up of having to buy clothes that are too big in order to fit my breasts. Would I be suitable for reduction surgery and would I be eligible for any Medicare support?

22/04/2018 NSW

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Just wondering what type of dental work do I actually need?

Hi everyone. I have never had braces or anything as my teeth were never terrible, but lately I’ve been really wanting to make my teeth more aligned and address mainly the two front teeth that are quite a bit larger than the rest and would love them all to more

MelbGal 21/04/2018 VIC

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Swollen Face Dermal Filler - Help pls !!

Just looking for some advice even though I'm into my 4th day of a 4 wk course of ciprofloxacin. I had dermal fillers injected over three months ago, both sides of mouth and cheeks. My face began to swell 2 wks ago and the swelling moves around daily. At more

Joa 15/04/2018 VIC

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Can my hump be fixed with rhinoplasty?

Hey I’m wanting to know who is the best surgeon in Queensland to go to about a rhinoplasty after my nose got broken about 3 years ago. There is a hump that is pushing out on the front view and I hate the way it looks from the side so overall just want it more

06/04/2018 QLD

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Textured implants sudden softening after 6 Months

I am 6 Months post op with round textured 385cc under muscle. I was very flat chested before hand. My implants have always sat quite perky as if I was wearing a bra and were pretty firm. A couple weeks ago I was adjusting into a bra and must have been too more

Mikit 02/04/2018 VIC

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scar revision for piercing on top lip

hello! i am looking to get the incision procedure for a blunt trauma scar on my top lip. im finding it hard to find a good surgeon.

20/03/2018 NSW

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Breast Agumentation/lift

Hi, I have very droopy, sad boobs and a huge gap between them - can this be fixed with breast implants only? I like the look of natural sitting, fuller breasts but unsure if this could be acheived. Thankyou

Shan229 20/03/2018 Australia

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I suffer from neuropathic pain, can I still get breast implants?

I suffer from neuropathic pain in my left arm and left breast. It travels all the way from my left breast into my armpit and down my arm, and occasionally my hand. This is often accompanied with heart palpations. I have done tests and I have been told that more

Jasmin 07/03/2018 Australia

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Confused on what size to go witj breast augmentation-been told 2 different things

Hi I’m about 167cm high and 54kg. I’m about a 10a at the moment and am Wanting a full round look. One dr told me no bigger then 375cc as I am quite small framed. Another doctor was happy to put 400cc in me, they didn’t look that different are all cc’s more

28/02/2018 Australia

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Do you need an implant exchange during a revision

I've been told I need a revision for double bubble and lateral displacement. It's being covered by ACC. I wanted to know if during the operation the implants need to be exchanged or are the same ones re used/kept in

rachelcloud 27/02/2018 New Zealand

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Recommendations doubts

I want to go toThailand to do a mummy makeover,I sent all info in regards to asses and have been told I also need a breast lift and extended tummy tuck.I have done some research and looked at before and after pics of others and some that have had fairly more

22/02/2018 NSW

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Do I need a breast lift or another procedure

Original breast implants 1993. After two years, left breast implant spontaneously ruptured, and was removed and replaced. Following this second proceudure, the left breast was mishaped, and both breast implants then revised in 2013. This did not correct more

Anonymous 19/02/2018 WA

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