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    Soooooo I've changed my surgery date from 15 jan to 5 dec with dr tang at TCI! Excited much!!!! Now to quit smoking!!!! :) :)
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    Relationship advice

    I have to agree with Mollyjo, is that the sort of bloke you want to spend the rest of your life with? Have children and pay off a mortgage with? Trust is a HUGE issue in a relationship and if it's not there it will never work. You deserve to be with a decent man who doesn't lie to you and who can pay for his own damn bills!
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    Updated pics also consult today

    Hi I just looked at your pics . When you see him tell him you are not happy with the saggy skin underneath , ask him to explain why it's happening and that you didn't expect to have this issue . Also ask him if a lift would have given you a better result . He will tell you that it is to early to predict the outcome and he will tell you to wait for your 6 week check up . They still have a lot of changes and you never know they may drop and fill the space and be amazing . Ask him what the process will be if your still not happy at 3 months . Write down your questions before you go that's what I did and just read them out , that way you won't forget anything !!!! Good luck let us know what he says .
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    Today is BA day!!!

    I can FINALLY say that my time is here! I have learnt so much and met so many lovely people from this forum it's been amazing! I can't believe it's all happening today!
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    Thanks hun! I made it!!
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    Spoke to Craig Rubenstein for a second opinion after my PS was negative about Brazzies which really worried me. He echoed my PS thoughts around marketing and gimmicks, said he tried them and didn't like the results they gave, so doesn't use them for primary augmentation anymore. I do notice that it is mainly cosmetic surgeons who use Brazzies, not sure why that is? Also, he specifically stated that he had refused the one request for Singulair/Accolade as treatment for CC as it's off label these drugs have had deaths as rare complication. Now to state the bleeding obvious, if 5 days on Bactrim fixed capsular contracture, no-one would have it would they?!?? I've never even had a filling, pretty sure CC is slightly more complicated than dodgey dental hygiene.
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    Relationship advice

    If you feel he takes more than he gives in the relationship and you don't feel appreciated or cherished, those are warning signs of worse things to come. I don't want to give any advice about 'stay or go' because ultimately it's your relationship and life. There's a lot to weigh up... do you have similar life goals? Is he overall a trustworthy, stable person who you feel safe and happy with? Does he make you feel happy and confident or unhappy and anxious? Feedback from strangers on forums is fine, but I feel this is a conversation you should have with close friends or family members who know your overall history together. To me, it sounds like you're worried he's leaching off you and isn't wholly committed??? 5 years is a long time together but it does sound a bit like the trust isn't there- never a good thing in a supposed life long commitment Good luck with your decision! xx
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    Ok, so i have pretty much added everyone on this thread as friends - would love to keep in touch while we do this thing!
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    Hi smileygirl Hope you don't mind that I've added you as a friend! will you be posting photos when you're up to it? Congratulations btw absolutely love reading everyone's experience with dr m! 65 days for me!!
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    Hi Sammy, can't really help you with you question as super squishy was a big priority for me and I therefore am going with Nagors, and a natural look too but I'm going rounds, I am booked in on the 29th though so sending you a friend request Where are you having your surgery?
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    Relationship advice

    If you can't trust him with your credit card you can't trust him at all . What happens in the future with mortgage repayments and bills will he lie about that too . Does he work why couldn't he pay the bill himself and why lie about the outstanding amount . Sorry to say but it doesn't matter how much you love someone if you can't trust them it will never end well . Good luck xx
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    me again (again! ) Just had my post op appt. PS is really happy with my progress! The nurse thought I was 2 wks post op from how I walked in, so i'll take thata s a good things stitches gone, just need to keep tape on scar for 6 wks. I am really swollen on my hips/bum so cant wait for that to bugger off! he said most ppl get it on their stomach and get really disheartened with their results so although its annoying, my tummy is actually flat! I uploaded another pic (can you tell im a photo nut?? )
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    How young is too young

    Too young? 17 and under as an 18 and up you are considered an adult and can do what the fook you want.
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    August Boobies 2014!

    I have started with coconut oil. It is fabulous! Wish I had started with it last week. Here is a progress shot I took this morning. I am still really swollen on my left side (driving a manual and sitting in traffic for 3hrs a day isn't helping). I am so happy with the changes so far.
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    I was researching BA's for a couple of years before we decided it was finally time to do it. After breastfeeding my third child I was left with virtually no breast tissue. When researching I found Dr Tony Connell's name and reviews and I couldn't wait to meet with him, despite having fantastic personal reviews from friends with other PS's in Perth Tony's name just stood out to me. I met with him in June this year and felt instantly comfortable with him. His manner and respect to me as a woman and a mother put me completely at ease. Tony explained to me that my breasts were like a mastectomy patient, and as such an anatomical implant would best suit what I wanted (a natural look), I'm not a big person so using his vectra scan technology it was super helpful to see what sizes might work best for me and my desired outcome. We also established how bad my asymmetry was and given it is over a 10% difference in the breasts sizes I was also eligible for a medicare item number. We also discussed correcting my left nipple as this one was inverted. At this consult we decided on the possibility of 255/295cc or 295/325cc implants and this was something to think (obsess) over from June until August when we met again and finally surgery day when the final decision would be made. Surgery day I was a bundle of nerves and had felt extremely anxious the week leading up to surgery, I was convinced something bad would happen to me in surgery. I was to fast from 7.30am with surgery planned for around 4.30pm. Meeting with the surgeon before surgery we agreed on trying to fit the larger implant size but he explained that he would do his best to fit them but with a breast width of 12cm and an implant size of 12.5 he would put the smaller ones in if he just couldn't make the larger ones fit. He went all Mr Squiggle on me and I was then taken through. Thankfully it all happened fairly quickly from there and it all felt very surreal. I was told they were giving me oxygen and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. I was completely dazed, dizzy and nauseas in recovery not to mention my pulse kept racing at everything. My PS came and spoke to me and confirmed that he fit the larger implants in and gave me strict instructions to rest. Over the course of the first night I felt all the sensations as had been pre warned on this forum, I felt heavy on the chest and my implants starting making the various farting and popping noises, I felt little pain. I struggled with nausea the first night and was so glad I was in hospital and able to have their support to manage it. Due to my anxiety they did ecg's to check my pulse (it kept racing) and it was through discussion we established that my anxiety was now affecting my pulse. After several ecg's and consults with the surgeon I was given endone which helped calm me a little. Day 1 I returned home in the AM after seeing the surgeon and resting a lot. I was given scripts for tramadol, ondanestron, panadeine and the antibiotics. Due to how dazed I felt after surgery I decided not to get the tramadol as my surgeon said that the tramadol makes him quite dazed. On this first day home I stayed in bed resting as I still couldn't eat, I used panadeine and nurofen to manage my headaches (I suspect the GA was the culprit of the headaches). Breasts are numb all over but look fantastic. So nice to have breasts and breasts that are even! Day 2 Woke up with serious morning boob after I flaked out from 9-4 that night, felt very nauseas and headachy that day despite using ondanestron. More noises from the implants but not much pain. I also had no arm pain or issues with movements as other people have described. Breasts are still numb. Day 3 Woke up with serious morning boob despite not sleeping well thanks to back pain with the sleeping upright. I had an outing this morning and returned home hugely fatigued and with a pounding headache. As the breast pain wasn't too bad I switched to panadol and nurofen for pain relief. Incisions started feeling itchy and I can feel the incision point but otherwise breasts still numb. Day 4 MORNING BOOB! Woke up with more back pain, its plaguing me more than the boob pain. Felt much more normal this day and think it must have been the codeine making me sick. The sounds had stopped from the breasts and the fatigue was a bit better. Itchy incisions and still trying to get Mr Squiggle's drawings off me and breasts are still numb. Struggled this day with the numbness and feeling claustrophobic in my own body from it. It's so weird to touch your breasts and not feel that. Day 5 Morning BOOB!!!! More back pain and trouble sleeping is resulting in more fatigue but otherwise feeling great and having to stop myself from doing stuff. Breasts have been the same size since day 1 with even swelling and settling, still numb all over. Day 6 Morning boob was slightly better this morning. No pain relief for breasts today just pain relief for back pain and headache. Able to skip a day sleep today and even baked some scones (let it be known, cutting scone dough is actually hard, it seems you use your pecks a bit for that). Still numb all over the breasts,not painful but tender. Getting slight feelings in the breast that almost feel like a let down when breastfeeding, also tiny little shooting pains occasionally and little buzzes every now and then, weird I know!, I hope this is the feeling coming back. I am so so so glad I did this and can't wait to see how the rest of my recovery goes. I will be forever thankful to Dr Connell and his work.
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    wow cupcakes that is great!!! where can i get micropore tape from??
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    Let me just say this......I have brazilians and I am so happy with my results. I see so many girls here having problems with smooths not dropping, getting CC and other problems, yet most of the girls on here who have brazzies, aren't having these problems. Note I said "most". I didn't have to wait for my implants to drop and if anyone is going to get CC, I will. I scar real easily and so far, so good. Just saying, don't rule them out. As for Singulair, it may be a USA thing but I would certainly try it if I had CC and it was an option given to me. And I also don't believe that CC is caused by something as simple as dental hygiene. Its the body's reaction to a foreign object and some people's bodies react more than other's by creating more scar tissue. Same as my skin has reacted more by creating keloid scars where my incisions are and most people's don't.
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    Wondering about CC's

    The dubious (everyone is different) rule of thumb is 150 - 200cc per cup size. So 300 - 400cc?
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    aw Juniper you rock lovely lady!! i do have the true gummys also, i have 'Natrelle 410s' with 295cc in each. I had zero tissue to start and mine are softening nicely. I'm 6 months now and even hubby is noticing how soft they are. not hesitation in recommending them at all they are a fantastic implant and give a great natural look and i don't find them to hard/firm at all. Good luck!
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    Nope, sadly no curves! Instead of upper pole, I had what my ps accurately described as "ski jumps". Not only did I have zero upper pole, it scooped inward. I had a sad small b cup. I guess that's more than an A but not a whole lot! Perhaps you mightn't have the same experience as me... there is a super lovely member Southern girl who sounds similar to you. Maybe pop her an email and ask about firmness? She had gummies but a slightly smaller implant (290 I think?).
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    boo2, I have added you too - hope thats ok :-)
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    Hi Sassy, I am staying at Millennium at the moment and I love it. I have travelled alone and wanted somewhere that was right "in the thick of it", so I could walk to everything I needed. I am in a grand deluxe room, in the lakeside wing, which is supposedly nicer and quieter than beachside. My room overlooks the pool. The staff have been amazing. Millennium is attached to jungceylon mall and is VERY convenient if you want to pop down to chemist or supermarket. My whole experience with PIAC and Millennium have far exceeded my expectations. Good Luck!!
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    Hi All So, tomorrow, I'll be 2 weeks post op. Saw my surgeon today and had my stitches removed from my belly button. He's really please with how I'm going. I had a really good look today at my tummy for the first time and am VERY happy ! still a LOT of swelling but can see the difference. Pain wise I'm fine, the odd stabbing type pain here and there. I'm hoping to go back to work monday ( I work 3 days a week in an office environment, low impact) hubby will be still of work so he'll be in charge of the kids etc ! Have another follow up appointment in 3 weeks, so will just continue to take it easy till then x
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    look forward to that, and ,you know, really appreciated.
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    Yvette Michelle

    Scarring after BL

    Just had a BA & BL 2wks ago U just do what's best to get the right result I was same as you until a girl I know u had both done told me how happy she has been with her lift & new boobies
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    When was your worst swelling?

    Arnica tabs are also great to help with swelling and bruising.
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    When was your worst swelling?

    I was swollen from the start and it took a good 4 weeks or so for the swelling to disappear completely.
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    Congrats on your mummy makeover! You look fantastic and I'm sure you feel it xx
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    Updated pics also consult today

    Hmm, if you suspect he may dodge fixing it, record the consult on your phone- or take pen & paper to take notes- just say you have a bad memory & need to keep track of what's said. Don't be awed by him because he's a surgeon- they're just people & they owe you a certain outcome- actually fixing the breasts- not "that'll do". Pre- write your qu's down if you need to & jot down the answers as you go. Good luck!
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    4 week checkup!

    So the implant can heal and settle properly. Sleeping on your tummy/side can affect how they heal and settle from the pressure you put on them by laying on them.
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    Great results!! You are looking amazing. Congrats on the weight loss as well.
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    Good luck Excitaboob!! it will come by quick.
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    How young is too young

    I was 32. Wish I had of done it at 20!
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    4 week checkup!

    When I've had super chronic back pain in the past I've resorted to sleeping on the hard floor- carpeted preferably!- with my knees bent up to release pressure on the lower back. Even if you do it for twenty minutes or so, it might help the muscles settle. Try turning your bent legs side to side while keeping your back flat as well. Good luck! Back pain is the absolute pits! If you're super desperate, go see a proper therapeutic masseuses- not a dodgy shopping centre one- your muscles might be locked up. I'm sure they can work on you in a "boob" safe position.
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    Still disappointed with my boobs

    Have you tried wearing a super supportive bra? Possibly your boobs just don't sit high naturally? I still need a bra to raise mine up a bit.
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    I wouldn't bother evidence gathering. Men can be caught in the act & still deny they've been cheating so what's the point? It won't give you any leverage or power. He's already put his cards on the table. There's no going back now. If he cared, then he'd have never asked for an open marriage. He's only suiting himself at this point. He'll only get bolder.
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    3 WEEK POST OP UPDATE Boobs haven't changed much since week 2. Im still wearing the strap/binder thing. left boob is still sitting alittle higher then right not far of though Still get small pains here and there but go away within seconds. My skin and nipples feel sore sometimes too so I'm bio-oiling twice a day also because ive noticed a couple of faint stretch marks but hardly noticeable, which im not really worried about. Ive also been getting a minor pain i notice every now and then in left boob (top right side of left boob) i notice it more when i sleep on my right side. And also feels like im noticing it less and less every day so hoping its just part of healing process. Half way through week 2, i was blow drying and brushing my hair and noticed i have 3 lines under my right boob and sort of a pulling feeling and knew straight away its mondors cords. i also have one under left boob too. i had researched it in the past so knew what it was straight away. so total bummer on that! Not really worryed as Ive read they go away/resolve by them self and wont do damage but Should i be telling my surgeon or nurse??? thinking it wouldn't really matter if they resolve by them self. Other than all that they are looking and feeling really good!! loving them!! Cant wait to wear normal tops instead of hoodies and scarfs all the time coz of binder thing And get tans again lol looking forward to that, with warmer weather not far away.
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    Handy tips and tricks!

    My first tip: wear a singlet top under your binder. I just put one on after my shower an heeeeeaps more comfortable
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    TCI girls- please send FR :)

    Hi Makes Sense. Jw how you went with your surgery? I am booked in November and have been told I'm borderline too. From qld
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    Random Post but PLEASE READ!!

    Ok as an avid animal loved in particular dogs (have 2) this breaks my heart! I used to foster for a rescue group also as I just have a soft spot for them.... Please only buy dogs from registered breeders OR rescue. If people stop buying from backyard breeders these sorts of things will deteriorate as both the above HAVE to immunise and home animals for the right reasons. I am on a dog forum lol and you can get good breeder recs these days a lot of bad ones around still. Poor little Cookie xx
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    I have had implants for 8 years and I've been single about 7 of them and dating along the way. I've never had a guy complain EVER. They all love them I've even had 2 offer to pay for me to upsize to a stupid size as they love thd big fake looks. Occasionally I'll date an ass man and you better believe they're a boobs man by the time I'm finished with them lol!!!!
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    Not happy after consult :(

    If it helps- I didn't like the predicted final look on the vectra scan when I had it done. I cried on the phone to my friend after the consult that the best result was still not what I was hoping for. BUT, the actual results of my BA are a lot different- I'm incredibly pleased with them. I think sometimes those scans don't provide a faithful (& positive) representation of the real outcome.
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    i think the GA can cause issues with your periods, some come really late and others early and some just all over the shop, i would worry to much but if you are concerned maybe ring the practice nurse or flick an email just to be sure. hope you feel better soon
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    My Thailand surgery gone wrong...

    So sorry lovely! Here's hoping you get the boobs you've always hoped for soon enough - what a disappointing story. Stories like this always make me nervous, even though they are generally few and far between nowadays. Still, I'm booked in for surgery in 2 weeks time at Bangkok Hospital Phuket with Dr Jib - I would be ever so curious to know who your surgeon was? :/
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    to old

    Good on you Vlinder!! Go girl. You deserve to be happy no matter what age.... Good luck xxxxxx
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    dee envy

    to old

    Boonchai won't operate on you because he won't do Brazillians.. They are not approved for use in Thailand and a lot of surgeons do not have faith in that implant... Not because he refuses hard cases... He is quite brilliant with them actually. At 71 the risks really increase with anestetics etc so being in a foreign country would be a concern to Dr Rushapol i am sure. They won't do surgery unless they are very certain of a positive outcome with low risk. I think it's fantastic they don't just take your money( like many suggest) and have a crack anyway. You can find plenty of surgeons in Thailand who will I assure you.. Good luck with finding the right man for the best outcome
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    to old

    I sent info to Dr Boonchai at PIAC..photos and goals etc. I got a flat out "no" from him. And I'm 31, no kids, no huge asymmetry. I think cos I requested brazilians. Sometime I think they just want the straight forward low risk candidates. At least they said no rather than operating on you when not comfortable/confident. If you have the money, you'll struggle to find someone who won't do it here. Good luck!!
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    So stressed.. Need advice

    This is tough! Ok for what my opinion is worth I will give you my honest one. If I was you with even the slightest doubt about PS I wouldn't t let him touch me again. What I would do is Second opinion ASAP If it is CC then Medicare will cover some anyway so i would go with someone else I felt confortable with even if it means touching savings or asking for a loan. If it Isn t CC then you have every right to go to those recovery agencies and ask for a refund from him In the case he has lied to you re CC you can sue his arse off. And with the money repay loan after you have your boobs done or have them done then. It sounds like your instincts are steaming at you DOONNTTT! I would listen to them Having said that I understand that it is easy from me to Give this advise from the comfort of my sofa. Good luck. Hun whatever you choose xxx
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    I am 9 days out from surgery with Dr Rushapol. Rhino, lower blepharoplasty, brow lift, lower face lift and neck lift. Couldn't be happier with the results and would highly recommend him. Nurapon is just as experienced and well reviewed. My partner (melsy-melb) also had BA and Rhino with Rushapol and both turned out amazing. Feel free to friend request either of us on here for before and after photos.
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    hey hun, I've got the natrelle 410s and they have a low CC rate too, i guess the 510s are probably the same? and sleeping on them is fine for me! I have 295cc in each and got back to sleeping on my tummy after about 2 and a half months, its normal now.
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