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    Little Annie

    Big Boobies BA Tomorrow!!!

    I HAVE NEW BOOBIES!! Yay... Op was fabulous although recovered a little slowly from the Anaesthetic & felt really sleepy & nauseas.. Back to the apartment & had a massive bowl of yoghurt & fruit & a coffee.. Felt so much better after having something in my belly.. My chest feels really tight but not painful as such & heavy but I guess that's to be expected when my deflated little boobies were pushing to be a B & really saggy to having 560cc in my left & 485cc in my right.. I hardly slept last night worried about the 560cc size implant.. I really didn't want to have massive boobs & was concerned they would get in the way of 'life'.. I expressed my concerns with my fabulous surgeon & he was great.. He explained that size really means nothing & naturally everyone is built differently etc.. He told me to ignore the 560cc size implant as that was the smaller of my two boobs & it was to bring it up to the size of the other implant being 485cc.. With that I went under & woke up with awesome bosoms!! We're just kicking back watching tele & snacking on dip & bikkies & having lots of water as it helps with fluid (sounds backwards!!) .. My girlfriend had them done too & we were the same size & have the same implants but opposite bosoms!! My boyfriend is our carer & he's amazing, thank goodness he's such a good fella.. ☺️ I'm feeling good, keeping up with the pain relief meds & can't stop looking down my top in anticipation of what these babies will look like!!
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    Here are some updated progress photos 10 weeks post op
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    December 2014 ladies !

    of corse Hun I thought we where already friends too otherwise I would have sooner ! xxx
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    December 2014 ladies !

    Yeah same rach Yeah same, I too am glad I found this forum but still on my L's trying to navigate etc lol and I will say chicken fillets have helped a bit.... a lil bit... lol xxoo
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    December 2014 ladies !

    it does doesn't it and through the same company having virtually the same experience we can all help each other through, so glad I found this forum I'd be a stressed hot headed pie if I hadn't haha! I wouldn't have any idea what to expect what dr tang was like or even if tci was a legit company haha!
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    December 2014 ladies !

    aww that makes me sad you felt that way since such a young age I was only since I was like 11 turning 12 when I realized everyone else had boobs at swimming lessons and I didn't I've always worn a rashie not bikinis! but I'm the same bring on December 11th wooooo! ! must update ASAP once you've had surgery we can monitor how we're going together ! that will be cool! x
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    December 2014 ladies !

    Hahaha are you the guninie pig haha, it is so close but so far haha its literally only 2 months now just over for me ! Love my shape of boob I know they turn out round when they're big I still have the round shape just no upper pole what so ever haha, and love my nipples to so does my partner so I hope they don't change when having my boobs done ! haha thanks he's 3 this month not so baby anymore! haha i know ! It annoys me to anybody with boobs darn them hahaha and they usually say god I wish I had small boobs. . um no you so don't haha ! I've had a small chest to I've always wanted a boob job since I was 12 literally! ohh nice haha I can't tan what so ever it just stays white haha so annoying but I guess some white girls make white really pretty too ! and I won't have triangle tan lines on my boobs hahahaha
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    Having a size freak out..

    There is no way 390 would be too big, on anyone really. That's a great size for the look you're going for it's normal to have these panics so close to surgery
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    December 2014 ladies !

    Haha I bet he could do them in his sleep too I think pretty much when TCI started he has been that busy ! He is a pretty amazing surgeon from what I have seen and read reviews about ! ye actually that's true I won't have to keep thinking about it only for one night haha, but it's hard because you wanna know what your getting now ! And the wait it so long I'm so inpatient I wish it was December already ! that result is pretty much the same as I wish to achieve aswell mayby slightly bigger so I don't get boob greed haha , I have no cleavage my boobs are like just man boobs with a bit more skin since I had my son haha but no breast tissue like at all.. that all left. no cleavage tho there to small to have any cleavage it sucks . haha! I keep thinking OMG I love that I'll have boobs soon to fit it but don't buy it yet because gos knows what size my clothing will change to too accommodate my new boobs hahha . to bad by the time they're perfect it will probably be winter again haha but better boobs now then next year ! I can't wait to wear a bakini although I'm so pale white it's gross hahhaa !
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    December 2014 ladies !

    haha I hope so! just thought- he's pumping out so many consults and surgeries lately that I hope he's not too tired lol. I'm sure he'll be fine I'm sure by now he could probably do them in his sleep lol! Wow! Youre brave! although I guess having les time between the consult and the surgery gives you less time to worry and second guess the size etc... Im doing my head in looking at pics haha! yeah I'm hoping mine will come out looking like the girl in my profile pic lol... boob greed is the worst! I keep fluctuating between thinking theyre going to be massive OR theyre not going to be big enough! lol I trust his judgment though. Im a bit the same - ANYTHING bigger than what I've got will be amazing... I literally am not even a full A atm I can barely fake a bump at the top of my boobs let alone cleavage! lol.... I CANNOT wait to try on lingere and swimmers! Not gonna lie, I teared up a couple of times when I walked into cotton on body and saw the bras and bikinis I will FINALLY fill! eeek!
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    I found a round bandaid on my neck yesterday, when I asked about it today they said the anaesthesia guy put a canula in my neck o.O it's so weird how we come out with some of these marks!
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    Hi all, An update for you all I had my surgery on Monday all is good all went well and I feel great hardly any pain just uncomfortable to sleep Dr Narupon is bloody fantastic and so nice all the staff at the hospital a great also! I wasn't one bit nervous or scared and I woke up in my room..
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    October Boobies Roll Call 2014!

    Good luck Little Annie & Boobcat with your surgery today
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    December 2014 ladies !

    woo hoo another dr tang he's such a busy man !! I wish I was the 2nd haha !
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    online Bikini advice

    It finally arrived yesterday! (They sent me the wrong item which happened to be the matching pants so I had to wait for the right one. I'm keeping the pants) I ordered 32 DD-F fuller bust triangle top (am a large 10E) and I'm pleasantly surprised. It covered well, is a bit tight in the band so would fit a size 8 as well and ties up behind the neck with 4 strings. Attached some piccies if you want to see it on a 'normal' person.
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    This sort of convo needs face to face time. Get a cab or bus it. Either way if u don't have the face to face discussion then u can expect disappointment after uR 2nd surgery. These consults are important to ensure u both understand each other and gives you a chance to clear the air and be on the same page. It's up to u in the end but keep in mind you will most likely regret not taking the effort to see uR surgeon because it was an inconvienece to travel to see him. I'd rather go out of my way n see him than risk being upset with my results cause I was too lazy to see him.
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    My new girls - Dr Phil Richardson

    First up.. If you are in Brisbane or surrounding areas and want boobs...GO AND SEE THIS MAN HE IS AMAZING. I was nil by mouth from 2am this morning was then driving for an hour to get to the surgery, I had to be there at 7am read for surgery at 8am. I filled out my paperwork and waited till my name was called. This morning was the first time I was purely excited and not scared UNTIL I seen a different surgeon that worked there in his scrubs and it's all went bad from then..I was teffified and could have vomited right then n there!! Felt so sick then it got worse cause my name was called, the nurse was so caring and professional all the staff there were lovely, she asked me some questions and asked me to get changed I then put my compression stockings on and laid down! The anesthetist came n had a chat we went through after care drugs he put in needle to calm me so I wasn't sick then Dr Richardson came and drew me up and I got wheeled into theatre they held my hand and off I went to sleep! I woke up at around 11am stayed in bed for an hour dozing admiring my new girls then Dr Richardson came n informed me everything went really well and that he didn't end up having to slightly lift my left nipple cause they looked fine
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    Hi lovely ladies, Well, after a few years after my lipo with Dr Konrat I feel I really should give feedback.. The procedure was about 3 years ago - on my inner and outer thighs, plus buttocks. First up, the consult was fine, I had done stacks of research so to be honest there wasn't really any surprises.. The overall cost came out at about $5500. The staff were all pleasant, as was the Doc. The surgery was done at their clinic in Annerley, arrived early that morning, had my sanitizing wipe down, etc. This is where things start to go bad..painkillers were in tablet form. I remember the majority of it. And I most certainly remember the pain. It was excruciating. (FYI - A few medical practitioners have commented (separately, unrelated) on my high pain threshold.. I was given additional painlkillers half way through as I was shaking so badly with the shock. I could tell the nurse assisting was not comfortable with the situation. My hand was held and she was a good as she could be, but.. Dr Konrat mentioned at the end that they should have done the procedure under general. No sh!t. Bit late though, at my expense. After that, again everyone was pleasant and I was oh so pleased to go home! I managed to shower myself the following day, but it took about 45 min to slowly maneuver around as I could barely shuffle, nealy passing out a few times, had to take a step ladder in so I didn't topple over. The bruising was spectacular, very pretty colours starting out deep purple over the majority of my thighs and under my but crease. Eventually they went through the rainbow and faded properly after about 3-4 weeks. I wore the compression garment non stop for over a month, and part time for longer. The results distracted me from the severe discomfort, but I was sorely disappointed seeing that not more was removed - I went down maybe 1 size at the most (10 to an 8.5) I walked everyday - for the first week I could barely go down the 3 flights of stairs in my building, and shuffled so badly that people looked on in concern. I had to sleep on my back with a pillow under my legs - I'm a side -sleeper usually but there was no chance at that. 10 days later I had to go back to work, and I was still very obviously walking in pain, which is awkward to say the least when you don't want an issue to be made, or anyone to really know. It's private ya know..anyways So, not a great experience. And once all the swelling had gone, etc I found that the inner thighs were 'uneven' differing from each other in shape..ditto outer thigh. I have finally decided to have the same procedure done - again - properly this time I hope! Hope this helps someone..and goodluck.
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    Dr Tang - TCI

    Hey Ladies I am booked in with Dr Tang on the 2nd of December (yay!) and would love to hear your stories! I know that a lot of you have gone with him for surgery so I am curious to hear about his handiwork! Was there lots of pain? How small does he do his incisions? Anyone got moderate profiles like me? Any advice or comments, positive or negative I'm all ears!! p.s feel free to add me! Im new!
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    WOW! I love the changes - I'm so envious I really want my op sooner rather than later. So much money to save though
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    Furry Brazilians with Dr Fleming

    Hi and welcome! You are in very safe experienced hands and he is right. Lots of ladies here have beautiful results with Brazilians and i'm sure they will let you see their results.
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    Yay!!! I haven't paid PIAC. I'm going to take AU$ with me and exchange it in Patong, as a few ladies on this forum have said you get the best exchange rate that way.
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    December 2014 ladies !

    Yeah I was sure we were too! LOL hence the L's comment re navigating forum.... Oh well we are now so all good xxoo
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    December 2014 ladies !

    yep! I learnt at an early age the tricks of padded bra illusion... took me years to figure it out lol... people are mean Eeek! only a couple of weeks after me!! Youll have to keep us updated!
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    December 2014 ladies !

    Know the feeling girls!! I have wanted boobies since grade 3 when I was prob 8-9.... Told I was a boy, by boys and girls ( I guess it didn't help my auntie cutting my hair real short...) Then in high school the whole... your so flat the walls are jealous and I could keep going.... people can be soooo CRUEL!!! But by December 11th 2014 I am no longer going to feel or look like one!! YAY!!
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    Big Boobies BA Tomorrow!!!

    Congrats on your new Boobies! Glad it all went well for you!
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    Oh and wrightkm I will upload my sitting down pic for you now.
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    Thanks Hun I'll keep you all posted
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    Having a size freak out..

    I am 54kg and 165cm, so a little smaller than you with a small BWD of 12.5cm. I went with 295 and 325cc's allergen anatomicals with dual plane placement as well. I had less breast tissue than you, it's look like I'll measure at a 10D. For me I also didn't want to be too big and I am pleased I can put the right bra on and make my boobs pop or I can just wear regular support and have them out of the way so to speak. Currently in my post op bras I look similar to how I did with the huge amount of padding I used to use. Did your PS have vectra imaging or sizers? I would think somewhere in the 300cc-400cc range would be correct for you based on what I see on this forum.
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    800cc. 20 feb 2017 dr eddy dona ???

    Squeeeee just caught up that's very very exciting news roll on February
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    Borderline lift implants only

    Does any one have any pics of how they look I am borderline with no upper pole at all and am planning on only having implants
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    I felt this way when I had my breast surgery. "Was I going to get the results I wanted" I had a trusted surgeon, and I went with his recommendation. But I was also realistic too. But basically in the end, I knew anything had to better than what I already had. In the nod I achieved amazing results. I'm using this same approach with my tummy tuck in 12 days.
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    A few overseas surgery questions :)

    Glad it all went well Chaza x
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    wow!! Good luck, hope it all turns out how you want it. Is it day surgery? What have they said about the hospital fees?
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    Twilight sedation experiences

    I had a twilight for my BA and had no troubles with it. Woke up to the nurse putting my shoes on and was fully dressed already. Apparently I helped them dress me and was talking but don't remember a thing.
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    December 2014 ladies !

    oh Bugga millimoo we could have slightly met each other ! haha xx
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    December 2014 ladies !

    Im booked in for the 2nd of December with Dr Tang! :)
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    Too big? Too small?

    I think that should bring you to your large C/ small D I had my surgery today. I am 179cm, 69kg and was a 12B pre op. I have 450cc implants & my surgeoun said that should bring my to a DD. Hope that kind of helps you, we are nearly similar stats.
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    Wrightkm to answer your question yep pre TT i had a full on spare tyre that would sit over my pants like a muffin top on steroids!! Now thay is definitely gone. Re love handles well thia is a contentious issue for me because I feel like I have them but nobody elae I show agrees. Lol My husband says Im nuts. Im a very fussy person and when it comes to myself I think my expectations can often be OTT. I like to be extremely lean. For myself Im not big on curves!
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    Brouwzini I am on an Android too. I have to hit that button at the bottom called 'full version' then go to gallery and upload there.
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    Hey ladies so here is the bikini top I ended up with
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    ^^ i was the same. I guess at the end of the day you have to be realistic. My surgeon was great and showed and explained exactly what he was going to do. I knew i would have a t shaped scar but i was fine with that because it meant he could take out more skin. I wasnt expecting a miracle but certainly an improvement so im really happy so far. He said as my swelling goes down it will be more noticeable
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    surgery morning

    Congrats!! Glad it went well for you. You'll be glad to have those drains and its only for a couple of days and so worth it not to have the excess fluid in you. Take it easy and rest up. Sending you lots of happy healing thoughts for an easy recovery
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    Sexy question

    yeah i'd prob be more keen in a new relationship but pfft my hubby can wait haha...
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    cosmeditour - help!

    I am going in Feb with Cosmedi. I got a package deal, and it's not costing extra being peak! If you book just the BA and book your accomm separate it might be. But with the package it shouldn't be, mine wasn't.
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    Mummy Makeover with Dr Dona :-)

    So i flew down to Sydney on Monday checked into my motel room and relaxed. I received a call from the hospital saying to be at the hospital at 12 so i thought great i can have a sleep in and take my time. The next day arrived and i was so scared and had anxiety lol however i calmed down when i saw Dr Dona . However he said the hospital called me to early and i would have a bit of a wait. I was wheeled into surgery at 4 to be marked up . I was booked in for a tummy tuck breast lift and implants. While he was marking me up i asked how my love handles would look once my tummy was flat here was when i found out he was going to do lipo on these areas along with my tummy area under my boobs and he would also be lifting my vagina area to create a smooth appearance . I thought wow now i can't wait lol next thing i know I'm waking up in recovery and 6 hours had passed. I felt horrible. I wasn't in any pain at all just sick from the surgery. It was really horrible and lasted 24 hours. At this point i was thinking what have i done however it wasn't from what i saw or from any pain because there wasn't any it was purely how sick i was. 24 hours later and you couldn't wipe the smile from my face. I stayed in hospital 3 nights and then had all my drains removed and my catheter and i felt even better after this point that i went back to my motel to recover . Today day 4 i went out shopping lol i did over do things a little and tonight i am a little sore but still no pain. I have severe bruising from the lipo however once again just a little tender and not painful. Dr Dona has done a fantastic job and it's the best thing i have ever done and I'm so glad i went through with it all. After four kids i was left with very deflated saggy uneven B cup boobs with a huge saggy pouch and the biggest love handles and now i have these awesome 450cc boobies and a very flat bump free tummy . Everyday that passes i feel even better then the day before and I'm still waiting for the pain to kick in . Overall a very happy experience and i see him again on Wednesday for my post op appointment and then my little adventure holiday is over and i fly back home Thursday to reality .
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    Hi Nikijade I am now 9.5 weeks Post op. I went to TCI and Had Dr Tang. He is fantastic. I am 64kg 165cm tall and before my BA i was a saggy A cup. I had 420cc XHP under muscle. I am now a Full 10-DD and a good fit 10-E cup. They certainly dont look that big. I am happy with the result. They have changed so much since the BA looking nice and natural. You are in great hands best to look for a look you want not the size you want. In a lot of tops they look like a Full C cup or a D. No one has really noticed but im not shy to say i had a BA at all. My recovery after BA was the easiest. I was expecting the worst painful recovery and i had it so easy no bruising or bloating or pain to this day. I was able to move and shower day after surgery and started my walking day 10. I hope you have a great recovery. you will love your new boobies. So good to have a womanly body. The whole procedure is so quick from the second you walk in. i was in at 9.30 and walked out at 1pm. DRIVE THRU BOOBIES :-)) Best of luck.
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    Hi I got my BA booked at the tci on the 21st nov with dr tang feel free to FR me to see my progress. I'm so darn excited I am going to burst with excitement lol
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