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    Weight loss after BA

    The weight gain post op scares me as I'm used to regular exercise! I'll just have to manipulate my food... I'm going under the muscle.
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    Nov 17 Boobies ?

    @elleg I regularly go to the gym and I've dropped fast so I'm not sure that helps lol I can only put it down to the fact I've breastfed 3 kids and went to to a D cup during those times I had fairly well stretches out skin !! Surgeon said my muscles were really tight but I've dropped and fluffed fast !! Yours are looking amazing and when looking at your photos where you can see your whole torso they definitely aren't too low !! You do have a very long torso don't you !! Im the opposite - short torso and very long legs. So I think when I post pics just down to my waist the boobs look too low but when I look in a full length mirror they are actually sitting ok.. If that makes sense. Had to share this with you ladies, first time I've tried on my bathers since the op, I don't think my size 10 top is going to cut it anymore ? I wish I took a before pic in this as it would gape open with nothing to fill it. Really was a moment of wow look what I have now !!
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    Mrs R

    Nov 17 Boobies ?

    Another option @ellegis to go to your go & have them change it for you. Just had to come online to share...just woke up & for the 1st time....no morning boob ??? moved house yesterday & was quite active too so was expecting to be sore but nope. Feel amazing. Except my legs..they are still sore from gym ?
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    pink butterfly

    D & F with Anatomicals

    Your boobs do look great. Just remember you would still have some swelling and the chest muscles are still tight. You are a progress in the making and each month you will notice a difference with the D & F. That's good you have your 6 week check up soon. It's exciting to get properly sized and buy some pretty bras! x
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    Did someone say No coffee? Omg! Can you not drink coffee? I don’t think I could handle that ??
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    Good luck tomorrow @sabP!!!!!! Happy Booby Day!
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    JAN 2018 BOOBIES ?

    Hey guys!!! i just found out i'm being pushed back till the 29th Jan - The hospital i was going to do on Jan 8th wants $6500 for hospital stay - is that ridiculous? i had another quote for 3500 for a different hospital so i'm just going to go there at the later date!! Bit bummed because my son starts school 2 days later but i guess thats more quality holiday time to spend with him Its all becoming very real!!!
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