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    As @pink butterfly says it's really hard to say. Everyone has a different body shape. However, judging by what others have shared a 275cc will give you a C from an A cup. With the 295cc there will not be much of a difference, perhaps a little fuller but still a C cup. It's only 20ccs difference, when you measure that it's not much. I had 375cc and I was originally aiming for a full C cup (from a non-existent AA) - I ended up with DD, but I am totally happy with my boobs, they suit my body perfectly and look completely natural to me Good luck with your final decision and keep us posted!
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    That is a tough question because I did the same thing when I was doing my initial research. I think it also depends what suits your body shape and how many cc's your anatomy will allow. I just knew I wanted to go from a 10AA cup to a C cup. I got 270cc under the muscle......this has taken me to a small C cup. I am a gym junkie and while sometimes I get booby greed, I am happy with my boobs. I am also in my mid 40's and I didn't want to go too big. I have had my boobs for 5 years now and I couldn't be happier.
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    Breast Augmentation with lift

    Also, thank you for the response sabP, I'll keep you posted 😉
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    Consult yesterday

    Sure will. I meet Dr Love in just over 3 weeks time then I can look at booking in a date for surgery! So excited.
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