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    Breast lift & Augmentation August 2019

    Hi there, haven't logged on to check forum for a while as I'm in Perth atm and have started a home reno. I'm really pleased to hear I'm not on my own and it sounds like you gals are all doing very well!! I'm 1 week away from my surgery and was in the "size - cc's mode" looking at women with similar body types having same size implants etc but I've given up on that as results vary so much. I'm currently a deflated size C/D and going with a 460cc round high profile implant above muscle. I have 2 young boys 5 & 8 and a hubby who will work from home as much as possible while I recover. My mum, family & Mum friends are also on board to help out. I also love my gym (weights/spin) so trying to prepare for the lack of exercise (which I need for my mental well-being as much as health)!! I would love to see your before and after pictures if you're happy to share and I'd love to hear some of your "at home" tips for bedrest/Home duties?? Wish me luck, I'm excited, nervous & terrified all at the same time so looking for distractions too! Hi Kit thanks for the advice, have a cleaner booked and will take pillow with me to hospital! Great tips....just want to get back home to Melbourne so I can prepare home and self for hospital!!
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