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    My journey back in time

    I'm 59...still, in 2 days I'll be 60, and, this is my 60th birthday present to myself. I knew I was going to have a face lift one day, and last year I thought now is the time, so I started researching. I read many reviews and watched many Youtube videos. Thailand seemed like my best option in terms of reputation and expense. However, when contacting places like Destination Beauty and Cosmeditour, and after considering several doctors I always had the feeling that it might not be reliable or safe, although the reviews were always good. So, I decided to do it at home in Sydney. I did my research, picked a reputable surgeon and went for a consultation. Well, a face lift was just going to be way too expensive, around 30K all inclusive but only an estimate, which never means less. So, I settled on having just the lower eyelids done, day surgery under general anaesthetic and ended up paying 10K total after the hospital sent me another bill for $1000 extra because the doctor took longer than expected. Anyway, 6 months later my eye bags were looking much better except for more crows feet at the sides (see images), so then the neck and jowls were still hanging there. I started researching Thailand again, knowing it was the only option unless I wanted to go with a cheaper, less experienced, accredited Sydney Doctor, who would charge 20K total. I came across Dr Chartchai's name here and in the Realself forums, and whenever his name came up people said he was highly regarded in the field, and is well known for the great work he does, and because of this he does charge more. I narrowed my research down to focussing just on him and was happy with what I found out. I decided this is my surgeon. I sent an email to the hospital with my photos and I also contacted Bodyline Patient Care - a company connected with Dr Chartchai. The quote came back as 420,000 bahts, which is roughly $19000 Australian, and so it was affordable, and I had the confidence I wanted in a surgeon. Janese of Bodyline Patient Care contacted me, and she led me through the whole procedure from start to finish. There was no need for me to think. She still rings me now. She's an Aussie and that does help. Surgery took 7 hours I am told, they do a full health check before it (unlike in Sydney), all the staff at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital were so nice. I had to shower with antiseptic cleanser before the operation (unlike in Sydney).The anaesthetist gave me gas to sleep before doing anything (unlike in Sydney where the needle was put into a vein in my hand while I was awake). After surgery I woke feeling very very drowsy and thirsty and couldn't talk. Janese was there to put a straw to my mouth and reassure me that all was good. Then I dosed off, woke up and Janese was there to spoon feed me some soup. I dosed off again and when I woke at 3 AM Janese was still there, and she told me she would go home now and come back later. At breakfast she was there, and by now I could sit up and eat some scrambled eggs (yummy) and juice. I didn't feel like any of the other food on the tray since it's not easy to eat, and this goes on for about 3 or 4 days, just soft foods. After the usual check ups through the day I had my shower (keeping head dry) and then at 2 pm I was discharged. Janese took me to Starbucks for coffee and cake, and then we got a taxi to the hotel. The Windsor Hotel, executive suite, all booked through Bodyline was a real treat. I had a beautiful view from the 31st floor, access to the executive dining room on the 32nd floor which looks over Bangkok city, and this is where I had breakfast, evening drinks and snacks, all inclusive. I had a nurse, Marie, from Bodyline stay with me the first night to give me ice packs and make sure I was comfortable. Janese took me to breakfast the next morning. On the 4th day we went out shopping, and then the shopping and tourism part of the experience continued until I left Thailand 2 weeks after arriving. I had fun. Janese knows Thailand very well, having worked there for 15 years with Bodyline Patient Care. Dr Chartchai turned out to be all I expected, and I think it's due to him and his skills that I am not in any discomfort and I can hardly tell where the scars are. How did my family react when I told them I was getting a facelift in Bangkok? They were very supportive, and had no issues with medical tourism. My sister came over a week after my surgery, and also got a little work on her eye area. Dr Chartchai made time for her. My sister and I have concluded that the medical standards and care at major hospitals like Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, are better than in Sydney. My huge private room with large screen TV and ensuite was more like a hotel room. It was also dead quiet and the nurses all have soft shoes and you don't hear them walking in. Dr Chatchai is very busy, therefore consultations are short, and he doesn't show you before and after images of his patients because he doesn't have to. If you don't choose him he has enough patients already. He doesn't need to compete or advertise. His website provides useful information, but no before and after images. I was fine with this. I am now 17 days post, and back home again, feeling good, although swollen and numb. I was always a little afraid of a facelift, but the lower eyelid surgery and recovery was worse in all ways. I can honestly say in my case there is nothing to having a facelift - no pain, hardly any discomfort so far, and my stay in Thailand was actually fun. I'm planning my next trip to Bangkok - a tummy tuck. I'll be using Dr Chartchai and Janese's services again. Now, about medical tourism. I have read this and agreed with it at the time 'surgery and tourism should never be in the same sentence'. Now I know different. I haven't seen many photos or read much about the holiday experience of medical tourism, so I've posted some images of my time there. Janese organised all our outings, and Marie, the nurse, came along too. When my sister and I went shopping with Marie as our guide, she insisted on carrying all our bags as we were her patients, and she patiently waited for us to choose clothes at MBK, and gave her advice on what to buy.
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    @MellieMoo I just had surgery with Dr Kollias last week, I didn't get overs but I did get 450cc round dual plane and I am extremely happy with my results as are so many other girls that have used him, I understand your concern but i don't think you would be disappointed with him at all he really knows his stuff and I haven't came across anyone with a negative thing to say, he wouldnt recommend it if he didnt think he could give you amazing results. Just to ease any doubts you have get a second or even third opinion I think you will find the recommendations very similar if you see reputable surgoens, which will hopefully ease your nerves and if they are the same I'd definetly stick to Dr kollias not because he is cheaper but just because his work is truely amazing the lower price is just a bonus. I could not speak highly enough of him, when other girls said same thing i had my doubts and thought maybe they just overly excited but now ive done mine i can definetly say the same.. His price also includes a night stay in hospital where the staff are absolutely amazing, worth every dollar. A nurse there was telling me how she thinks Dr Kollias must be a real boob man as his work is always fantastic and how she had a niece who travelled to Sydney and paid 19k to get hers done and they are no where near as good as what Dr Kollias does.
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    Post op instructions

    I know you posted a few days ago but just wanted to say the sleeping propped up on pillows is to help reduce the swelling. That’s what I was told. It encourages the swelling to move down the body or something.
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    pink butterfly

    Post Surgery info

    Zipped or button up tops/jumpers. Tracksuit pants or leggings. It is amazing how much we engage our chest muscles when we do even simple activities. The first 5 days will be the worst. But once you turn the corner, you will feel great. Good luck with your op!
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    Post Surgery info

    Count down is on and how exciting! Definitely no jumpers over your head! You will not be allowed to raise your arms above your head for the first 2 weeks anyway. I just wore comfy strecthy pants and a zip up top. Button up shirt and loose jacket will be fine too. Don’t wear skinny jeans either as you will not have the strength either to cinch them in and do them up 😊
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    Booked for Surgery 10th August

    Pre op day today..... locking in a size/shape/profile today! Yippeeee... ohh and pay them off too! 😕 💸 hahaha
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    @MellieMoo, have you had a second opinion just for peace of mind? I consulted with Dr.Kollias and Dr.Cooter who both had very similar recommendations which made me feel better about sizing and profile of implants
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    Hi @MellieMoo! I didn’t go with Dr Kollias in the end but had a consult where he recommended overs to me too. The surgeon I did go with also recommended overs (just different implant type) but u had read as long as you have greater than 2cm of breast tissue, That’s sufficient to cover them. I had 3.5. Dr K didn’t measure me specifically, just did a pinch test. I’ve got overs - 2wpo and can’t see the outline. I think if u can have them u should, I really wanted to avoid breast animation, plus wanted a smoother recovery. Initially post op it’s not been great but overs will have you returning to your preop lifestyle quicker. If you’re concerned you should get a second opinion. I was booked in with Dr K but cancelled after a second opinion but not due to anything he said or recommended. There are others that have used him on here and love him too and I think you will get great care and great outcome with him as equal to what any other reputable PS. He is also about $2k cheaper than PS I saw (dr cooter). Good luck. Pm me of you have any qns! 😊
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    So happy

    So today I made my goal weight! 55.1kgs so 100 grams off. Total loss of 63kgs which is an entire person. Just wanted to share as I'm so happy and proud of myself.
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    Hey hun, don't worry about the post-surgery bra or it's size. You have only just had your surgery and you won't really begin to know your final size until at least 6 weeks post-op. Even then it's only the start of the D & F process and they will continue to change for the next few months. Very likely you will get to a D. For an example, pre-surgery I was an AA cup; two weeks later I went bra shopping (got over excited and started way too soon) and I was a C cup. By the 6 week mark I was a DD which is where I still am at. Early days, try not to worry, just focus on your recovery and take it easy. xo
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    Breast lift & Augmentation August 2019

    @Nic#460cc @Glissm @margaretriver @Kit Hi girls hope everyone is well, so I've just had my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good pain isn't to bad but probably cause of the meds it's uncomfortable but bearable, feeling like I got an elephant sitting on my chest lol feeling alot of pressure. Boobs are looking alot better then I expected on first day Dr Kollias is amazing. Can't wait to see results when swelling goes down and the drop and fluff takes place... Thanks to all girls on here for all the info and advice, helped make this a better experience..
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    I HaveBoobs

    Post op instructions

    Just reading the previous posts and that makes more sense that you would still be uncomfortable as you went under the muscle, recovery for under the muscle will be more uncomfortable and can take longer than overs but it dose get better and yes the antibiotics can make you feel a little nauseous they did for me too, if your feeling up to it get up and move around as much as you can this will help with the swelling and help you to feel better and once you are cleared by your surgeon to start light exercise you'll feel much better . Hoping recovery is going well
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    Hi i had tp purchase my own po compression bra and was instructed to wear it for 24/7 for 6 weeks and only allowed to take it off to shower, at first with all the swelling it was a little uncomfortable but as the swelling went down it got more comfortable to wear and for a short while afterwards i would still wear it to bed now i just wear a soft crop top to bed as a bit of light support for my girls but every now n then let them run free 😂. I would definitely follow your surgeon's post op rules as how long to wear your po bra
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    Hey @margaretriver I was advised 6 weeks 24/7, then I could move to regular bras including underwire. That worked perfectly for me and 6 weeks was enough!! However, if your surgeon suggests otherwise, it's best to always follow their instructions. I still wear a crop bra to sleep most nights, kinda like the security for my girls... now and again I let them 'free range' hahahahah
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    Post op instructions

    @Kit thanks for checking in. I’m day 6 Po and have been tired and painful still too! Turns out dr cooter went under muscle in the end. I also saw dr Kollias. I feel like they are huge 😅 but hubby says you can’t tell in clothes and thinks they look great. They are sore and swollen!! I’m also still sick at times from not eating normally and zero exercise 😭 hoping I feel better soon!
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    @Kit every recovery is diffrent and it all depends on how tight your chest muscles were before surgery the typ of implant, placement ect as how things are going to progress so it may not take 10 months for you but i just wanted to let you know that it is a process and it can take quite a while so don't get discouraged just yet. 😊
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    Booked for Surgery 10th August

    @BethM I haven't had mine done yet but I will be getting mine done by him in 3 weeks time 😁 There are a few girls on here who have had their surgery through him and they all spoke so highly of him and seem to Be very happy with their results. Which is why I went to him in the first place. He is a very lovely doctor and I think he is going to do a great job. If you search his name in the forum you can read for yourself what people thought, there are a few discussions about him. Some girls did seem to think he was quite conservative with sizing and seemed to think If you want big you really Had to push him but that definetly wasnt the case with me I just showed him some pictures of what I was after in size and he didn't hesitate to Offer me 450cc, I think he just listens to what you want and also takes into consideration how it will look and just gives an honest opinion on what he thinks will give you what you want but also not making you look ridiculous.. Anyway good luck on your journey and keep us updated on how your consultation goes I don't think you will be disappointed 🤗
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    Thanks for the advice Veronica. After reading your post, I went to see Dr Jodlovich and was pleasently surprised with the natural results he produced with my lip filler treatment. He was both gentle (I normally have a very strong phobia for needles) and precise with his injecting technique. Well worth the recommendation, he is Sydney's go-to Cosmetic Doctor for all cosmetic injectables
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    Sophie mPage

    Cheaper Botox in Sydney

    Hi Madz, I've been going to several franchised laser clinics for my Botox for years and was always disappointed with the results and having to deal with different and untrained nurses who were impossible to follow up with to fix their bad work. A friend of mine recommended Dr Tom Jodlovich at Smooth As Silk Laser and Cosmetic Clinic about a year ago and I have been very happy ever since. He is both competitive with his prices but more importantly does fantastic work and you can follow up with him personally. I can all honestly recommend him as the best Botox injector in Sydney. Best wishes, Soph
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    A bit concerned

    I have a couple of lumps since my implants and after an ultrasound it turned out to be cysts. Best to get checked out xo
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    A bit concerned

    Hey @I HaveBoobs I'm sure you GP/surgeon can check and reassure you. It doesn't sound like ALCL - the symptoms are different. I had a small hard lump a few years ago and went to my GP then a specialist, they did an ultrasound and a needle aspiration and it was a cyst. Let us know how you go xo
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    Adelaide - Dr Kollias - Subfascial/overs

    @Kit he mentioned the pros and cons to both but suggested overs due to me liking to excercise and the fact my pinch test was at 3 so said I had enough tissue to do overs. It wasn't till after the consult I started to question what I actually wanted. I probably should of researched a bit more and and spoke with others prior to my appt. I do have another consult appt booked, so il be able to discuss a bit more with him then. Thanks so much for all your input. I love this forum, it's so nice to be able to chat to people that have actually been through the process already and can give an honest opinion 😊
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    Dr Kollias BA advice

    Sorry @simply_me I had missed your reply. I got round implants, I’m unsure he does teardrop? Maybe?? Anyway I find him quite conservative and believe he will recommend the best size, shape and position for you and your body. Kolias’ recommendation was 365cc and I pushed a bit further (not much!) but should’ve gone a bit larger as I’m 174cm and have broad shoulders so could def have carried off a larger size. Anyway they’re 1000 times better than how they looked before - post breastfeeding two babies! I’m assuming you’re younger so I think he’ll let you get a larger size if you want. He’ll guide you with his recommendation but after all, you’re the one paying the money! I think he was also more conservative with me as I’ve had children and not in my 20’s! @simply_me hey I just replied then noticed you had surgery last week - sorry you had to endure my waffle in the previous message 🤣 Anyway you had 450cc and sounds like you’re very happy, that’s awesome! I def should’ve gone with 450cc ah well too late now lol. So glad you’re happy with the results
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    Size of compression bra after surgery

    @sabP oh thanks for that, makes me feel better.. I no your right it's still early days and i no they can change i was just shocked by the size and got a little discouraged lol but il be patient and let them do there thing.. hopefully by the end I'll end up a D too 😁
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    I HaveBoobs

    Large breast implants melbourne

    I'm lead to believe that he uses a few different ranges from Mentor, Allergan, Motiva, if you email the lovely girls at his office I'm sure they will be able to tell you. 😊
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    Post op instructions

    Thanks @sabP 🥰 the encouragement definitely helps! I feel bit better today pain rise but my tummy still not great- think antibiotics no doubt not helping, and lack of exercise too ☹️ I have more pain on my side breast/torso now which is not fun and can feel what I hope is sweeping as my body definitely feels/looks square! (Hubby says it’s in my head but it’s so pronounced to me!)
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    Post op instructions

    Hey hun, still very early days!! You will feel much better soon. Just take it day by day... they may feel huge, but you would still have post-op swelling. Often after the first week you start to feel like things are improving. Be gentle with yourself and give it time xo
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    I HaveBoobs

    My journey back in time

    Great read, and glad all went well thank you for sharing your story
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    I’m thinking about it too hun
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    Hi @arahia from my understanding smooth implants have no association with the Breast implant related cancer. I’m getting mine replaced with smooth ones this month just to be on the safer side
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    For the past year, I have been thinking of getting an implant removal. I haven't had any complications so far, but I've found living with implants annoying. Also, the articles on BII and Lymphoma diseases have created massive anxiety for me. I reached out to my surgeon and the secretary passed on a clinician's letter to say the Therapeutic Goods Administration have proposed to recall Mentor Textured Implants, which incidentally I have. Just thought I give a heads up to others! The TGA has informed MENTOR® of a “Notice of Proposal to Suspend” (Notice) for a period of six (6) months relating to the following products: • MENTOR® SILTEX® Cohesive I / 354-4400 (ARTG 110588) • MENTOR® SILTEX® CPG 334-1304 (ARTG 110589) • MENTOR® SILTEX® Contour Profile Becker 35 Expander 324-1305 (ARTG 110592) • MENTOR® SILTEX® Round Becker 25 Expander 354-8000 (ARTG 130678) • MENTOR® SILTEX® Cohesive II / 324-4350 (ARTG 119809) • CPX4 Breast Tissue Expander (ARTG 226977) • CPX4 Breast Tissue Expander with Suture Tabs (ARTG 226982) Mentor-Letter to HCPs-TGA Notice.pdf
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    Anyone else worried about uneven dropping?

    Thanks @sabP I had an appointment with my surgeon last week and he wasn’t too concerned about it. He suggested gently massaging the top of the implant down twice a day. I go back in 3 months for a follow up. I guess I am just after other people’s experiences of the same issue and how/when it was resolved.
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    Bali 8 weeks post op???

    By 8 weeks you will be feeling fine, however check with your surgeon and follow their directions. I think as long as you take it easy you should be fine and it's something to look forward to
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    I HaveBoobs

    MRIs to check implants

    My PS said that i was able to have a mammogram, ultrasound or MRI but to be honest i think I'dchoose the other two over a mammogram as dont think I'd feel comfortable having my boobs squished incase of rupture, i had to have one before i got my boobs done as I'm no spring chicken 😂 and i didnt have a lot of natural breast tissue to begin with and it bloody hurt so the mammogram is not my top option.
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    pink butterfly

    Drug Use After Boob Job

    Your body is doing a lot of healing. I went back to work after having 2 weeks off, and that first week back at work really knocked me around. I didn't touch alcohol for a few weeks mainly because I wasn't craving it. At the moment, my advice to you is to make the best and healthiest choices to give your body a chance to heal. Maybe leave the alcohol and drugs for another month? Or as you said leave it for a couple of weeks but maybe go lightly with it first?
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    Goal weight

    I just wanted to report that I have now lost 61kgs and am only 2.1kgs off the goal weight I set myself. Having weight loss surgery was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I just couldn't Lose the weight without help or worse would yoyo the exact same 2kgs. I have 2 x consults the first in late February and the other early March. I'm wanting 360 body lift, thigh lift with lipo, breast lift and replacement of implants. While happy now having the plastic surgery part of it done will really complete my transformation. It feels amazing to be able to do things I couldn't do before such as spend a day walking around the zoo and I absolutely love that I can not only walk into any shop I want but can wear clothes I want to actually wear and not just wear something because it's the least ugly thing big enough to fit me.
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    Post 1year tummy tuck and BA review

    It has been some time between posting now. So Hi.... I just wanted to recap for anyone thinking TT and about the process and healing. Also not all scars are red and huge (This was my main thing that stopped me from having proceedure done years ago. Boy are there some BAD!!! pictures out there) Tummy tucks are not the best idea if you still have more weight to lose. What I mean is its not a quick fix. I had a muscle repair and some skin removed but no new belly button as mine was quite high to start with. I was quite athletic before. So for me personally I needed my muscle use back. The recovery is slow and excercise at the gym very limited. So this being said i actually gained 5 kg for 9 months. At 12month post op i can only just now say my swelling has decreased. But still on ab training days it swells up like bad pms. I also want to review my scar is very slim and i have always done vitamin e oil twice a day. And did dermarolling once a week. Keep fixamol tape on for ages after surgery and Use silicon gel as PS says is ok. And dont train abs for at least 8 months. Worth it 100% Fixed back pain and bowel problems. Lose the weight first then fix the skin 100% Never plan to have kids after. Do all that before. Thoses little munchkins reck more than your tummy!!! So you may need your boobs done too. As you can see my original ba was ruined after 2 babies. Its not worth a quick fix as abdominal fat will always come back if your diet is not in check. Spend the money get a good surgon as a bad scar will be mentally debilitating after all the pain you go through to get a nice flat tummy. My surgon did an amazing job and Im very happy. X ps you have to zoom right in to see scar. Best wishes and surgery to you all. Message if you need answers. I finally have reach 11 months and can only just say im off the roller coaster. X
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    My BA with Dr Rastogi

    The following is my BA experience...hope it helps someone else wondering what to expect, just like I was when I came across this incredible forum I will apologise upfront that this will be extremely long... I was due at the Hurstville Surgery Centre at 8.30am on Friday, 10th January. I live on the central coast and had decided to get the train down (thanks for the idea Merlin) so I could just chill listening to music and then my husband could come to collect me leaving our two little ones with a friend. Did I get to bed early to get a good night's sleep? No! I was still packing my bag at 11pm lol Then once I got into bed I set my alarm for 5.30am and then promptly woke my sleeping husband for one last hoorah...well who knows how long I'd have to wait afterwards right!? So, got to sleep around midnight and woke at 5am. Felt so calm and happy during the train trip. Arrived at the hospital and it was a ghost town. Just me and the male receptionist. Lucky if I waited 5mins before a lovely nurse came to collect me. Went through my forms, took my temp and BP and got my ID tags for wrist and ankle. Then she led me to my waiting room on the ward where I changed into the sexy gown, booties and cap (just left knickers on). Idled away the time texting my husband, close friends and family. Suddenly it was time to get wheeled into the room just outside the operating theatre. Dr Rastogi was still finishing up with his first patient. Turns out the hospital had only reopened the day before and it was just Dr Rastogi in that day with 3 BA's to do. I was the middle one. Because it was so quiet the nurse told me that my husband could come in with me as soon as I was awake. Next I met Andrew, the anaesthetist, who was lovely. He explained what he would do and what post-op meds I would take followed by a bit of general chit chat. I started to get a little bit nervous in the next 5-10mins and then Dr Rastogi walked through the theatre doors with his warm gentle smile and I immediately felt calm again. I asked him some more questions and he really does make you feel like he has all the time in the world for you. He took some pre-op photos and remeasured my BWD. We had chosen 400cc XHP in my consult, but also ordered 360cc XHP as a backup. After remeasuring me he said he was going to use the 360's as I didn't have much leeway widthways and the implants tend to expand a little once they settle. This may not be an issue for some people, but as I have very little natural breast tissue and was concerned about implant detection on the sides (particularly as I was getting brazilians), he opted for the narrower of the two implants. FYI - my BWD is 12.9 and the implants were 12.3 and 12.8cm respectively. I told him I trusted him and, as the sizes are quite similar, I just wanted whichever one would be best for me. Andrew came back out and injected into my left arm (elbow crease) and then directed me to walk in to theatre. I think there were 5 or 6 people. I hopped on the bed under a warm inflatable blanket thing. There were two bright lights up above, but they were multiple colours (they reminded me of a rainbow) and a good song was playing. Everyone seemed happy and I remember feeling like I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat, but I couldn't get the smile off my face (I tried!). Then Andrew helped me take my left arm out of my gown so he could get a line in and Dr Rastogi helped me take my right arm out of my gown. I was unsure where I was supposed to lay that arm...he grabbed my hand in both of his and said this hand is for me. He smiled at me and I smiled back and then I started waking up in recovery. I hadn't even realised the anaesthetist had obviously already given me something!! I have no idea what I was saying to the two nurses...think I was asking if I'd been snoring and then talking about my favourite breakfast haha I was struggling to stay awake, but felt fine besides that. They moved me to a reclining chair and then my husband came in. I thought it was around 1.30pm. They mentioned getting me a sandwich and I told them I'm GF (they'd forgotten to check my dietary requirements). I then asked where the bathroom was and walked off to go pee. All of the nurses were so lovely and one of them raided her own locker to find something I could eat I had some cheese on a couple of corn thins, a piece of chicken out of a sandwich and an apple juice. Dr Rastogi then came to check on me and said they would go through lots of changes and softening up over the next three months, but said they should look pretty decent in a couple of weeks. He then asked if he could take a look and said actually they look pretty good now lol My husband quickly concurred with that statement after he left Then I got dressed and we left. It was already at least 3pm somehow. I used a pillow for the drive home (thank you Libby) and we were back on the coast before I knew it. I have had no pain besides a bit of a sore back on Saturday. I haven't taken any of the panadeine forte prescribed. I have an antibiotic twice daily, an anti inflammatory, Valium before bed (which doesn't seem to do anything?) and panadol 2-3 times per day. I took my tape off my incisions in the shower on Sunday morning and this morning (Tuesday) is the first time that it feels a little tender (on LHS - maybe some numbness is starting to subside?). I have some swelling and a bloated tummy, but haven't had any bruising yet. My incisions look a little red and feel a bit bumpy in parts. I am allowed to reach arms above head, wash my hair etc. I can only wear a singlet/bandeau for the first three weeks, then softcup bras. I am comfortable on my back (I am a tummy sleeper), but is not easy to fall asleep in that position. Bit of pressure on my chest when I wake up in the morning. Only negative thing (besides that boobs are numb and warm, so feel weird) is I get a bit lightheaded and weak every now and then - eat some Vegemite toast and lie down and all good. Well that's all I can think of (thank god you say if you're still with me!). I am prone to anxiety and quite an indecisive person (what if this, what if that), but I can honestly say that I felt excited about my decision the whole morning and right before I went into theatre I thought "Let's do this!!". So my advice is do your research and make sure this is what you really want and you won't look back. Thank you to everyone that has helped me during this journey (particularly M10972). There are many on here that I have never communicated directly with, but have been kind enough to provide their stories, issues, concerns on here for others to read. This forum has helped me so much and I wish everyone who takes the plunge in the future a positive experience like I've had so far and a speedy recovery xox
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    Happy 1 year 800cc Dr Eddy Dona Sydney

    1 year old on Tuesday and have been nothing but a dream. i flew from Brisbane to Sydney to have my 550cc exchanged for 800cc with Dr Eddy Dona and please if you want to go large he is your man for the perfect shape 💋
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    Mammogram v's MRI

    You are very welcome, I know the norm is every 2 years, but ,,,, for me that's just far to long between check ups, and this way I have the best of both worlds.
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    Dr Dona Feedback!

    Hi there I have very recently had breast exchange and upsize with Dr Dona and HE IS AMAZING!!! I have had implants for 10 years and 3 BA surgeries (Dr Dona being my most recent op) and this most recent surgery has been the easiest and best recovery i've had (in 3 surgeries!!!). I was back to work in 2 weeks but at the shops at day 2!! Was provided great pain relief (Endone and Pan Forte) and my first 2 surgeries I only ever got Pan Forte. I wanted XL implants and was told by 2 Qld surgeons that it was impossible and I flew from Brisbane to Dr Dona and he was able to give me 800cc (which is the size I was after). He is (in my opinion) the best in Australia and the results and recovery speak for themselves. I will write a Real Self review for him very soon praising his work because I want everyone to know how good he is. A+++++++++++++
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    Hi, yes I have had a full breast lift and implants from Doctor Moradi. I can not recommend him highly enough! I had previously seen another so called "surgeon" who left me deformed and Doctor Moradi was the only person who would touch me. The results he gave me outweighed my expectations, I have seen a lot of surgeons and I can say he is by far the best. You are in very safe hands with dr Moradi.
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    He Smacc, i'm at 17 days post op and they look freaking amazing. I'll post photos later on but 10/10 would recommend Dr Norris. He cares about his patients and is so friendly and professional! And in terms of recovery, mine was excellent. I don't like endone (the really strong painkiller) so i only took panadol up until Day 4 and then i stopped all painkillers. My scars are excellent as well, just got on scar management. Its crazy how he can do so much with such little scarring.
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    LCA treatments

    Fractional or needling. even buy a 0.5 and do home needling once a month you will definitely see results
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    Chesty laRue

    Cosmeditour girls?

    I went to the breast academy on the Gold Coast. I booked through cosmeditour but in hindsight I would have gone direct to the breast academy. There was no need to use them, that said, they are pleasant and respond to emails quickly. I booked my own flights, accomodation and dealt directly with Hayley from breast academy, who is lovely. Because my nipples were low and I wanted a natural look, i had tear drop implants with a dual plane placement and it cost me 10k in total. I'm really happy with my results.
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    Any Reviews for Dr Jake Lim?

    One day post op with jake lim. I got mine don't and a scar revision for 7.5k. He is great
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    Any Reviews for Dr Jake Lim?

    Hey doll I have surgery with him next Wednesday, so far my experience is as follows: I found him to be very direct and straight forward. If your looking to be told it's all going to be sunshine and daisies without any risks than he probably isn't for you. He doesn't sell himself at all, he gives you his professional opinion but leaves the size and style up to you. I have chosen to listen to his reccomendations in everything so far and trusting his judgement. I went to tci initially and the cosmetic surgeon there basically sold himself and told me all the pros of BA and no cons... That's great if u want someone to tell you what you want to hear but sometimes it's best to get the cold hard truth, especially about something as serious as surgery. I've been pretty anxious and crazy about size and dr lim hasbt babied me at all. He's been really direct and straight up about not working myself up and getting sick at the risk of having to cancel the surgery or on the basis of not being ready. Then there is his nurse cat, who is really friendly and outgoing but serious when she needs to be. When I panicked I asked her to call me just to chat and she really eased my mind. I haven't actually heard one bad review about jake lim at all. I will complete my review of him when I actually have the procedure on Wednesday haha! I am still panicking about it all but I'm sure once it's all done I will finally be able to be at peace! (Minus the pain haha)
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    'Australia Cosmetic Clinics' ????

    Be careful if your struggling for money and going for a BA. Think carefully about revision costs and what's to happen in the long run if something goes wrong. I learnt the hard way that by going through a cs was a waste of money and I regret it deeply and wouldn't recommend anyone to go through a cs unless you have the funds to go back to a ps afterwards which is what's happened to me!
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    Dr Jake lim BA surgery storey :)

    Hi girls I just thought I would share my storey and BA journey with you all and also thank my doctor for giving me my dream boobies I had my first consult and I felt completely at ease and confident in my surgeon from the moment I met him. He wasn't overly the top friendly and for me that was great.. I didn't want to feel like I was being sucked up too.. I wanted someone informative and professional, and he was happy to answer my hundred questions and gave me a info pack to take home and read over again before I made any decision about booking in.. A week later I booked my surgery and went back for a second consult (the first consult I was sold on the 400cc) and after chatting with lim we decided on the 375cc as that would give me the look I wanted to achieve (and boy did I achieve it hehe) Anyway so on the 16th of feb I had my surgery. I walked in at 7am and 5mins later i was in getting weighed and measured and putting on my sexy surgery garments! Dr lim came in and did some measuring and drawing and I met the aneathetis shortly after advising me of the pain med I would be given after the surgery I really wasn't nervers at all walking into the theatre all I could think about was waking up and seeing my new boobies 2 hours later I woke in recovery trying to get a peek at my boobs to which the nurse came over to warn me that their were men in the room LOL! I actually felt really great after the surgery which was quite a surprise! But when doctor lim took off my bandages I couldn't believe how perfect they were! And that they were allll mine I am 9 days post op now and I am over the moon with my results! I couldn't recommend a better surgeon Well thanks for reading ladies! This forum has been amazing help pre op and post op I'll also add a pic
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    Boobs by Dr Jake Lim?

    I had a lift and BA and stayed overnight (my choice). All up including anesthetist was 15,000. He is a plastic surgeon so costs are usually abit higher. Well worth the money.
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