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    cloudbambi got a reaction from skebn in Why do some implants need massage and others not?   
    I have been told to massage and I have textured implants. I have to kinda prod my boobs three times a day for 5 minutes. Do more if I can. I think the nurse said it was to help them soften up and they have done loads since the first 2 weeks. I am 3.5 weeks now
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from xxNewLifexx in Post op Bra torture!   
    Hi New Life
    For the first 2 weeks I was told to wear the compression strap for 2 weeks 24/7- No bra. I only took this off to shower and wore it all other times. It was hard trying to hide the nipples! At my 2 week post op appointment he said my boobs need to drop further so I was instructed to wear the compression strap and then my Anna compression bra over the top- 24/7. He said I can take it off to shower and I can take a break but for the best results to take it as much as possible. Im pretty persistent and like a good challenge and seeing as im a bit of a perfectionist i am going to wear it 24/7 (apart from the shower).  Hope this helps. I thought whats a month of discomfort (hoping I can take it off at my next 2 week appintment!) for a great pair of boobies. Im kinda just thinking uncomfortable is the new comfortable :/ Hope this helps
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from misslittle is Enhanced in July 2014 Roll Call   
    GOOD Luck Boobsneeded! I know the excitement you must feel! I went for my 2 week post op (2 days early) today and was told everything is going well BUT I need to wear my stabiliser for another 2 weeks AND the compression bra too. Arrr! I was hoping I could have it off today but no... not this week, or next week. I am a little grateful I can wear the bra now though. My nipples were always on full beam and were hurting loads so at least I can keep them warm and hidden (relatively) now My boobs are still really hard too (day 12) they are a tiny weeny bit softer than the start but I am allowed to massage them now and have to rub my scar too because my scar tissue around the incision is starting to build. I have to pull my boobs together as much as I can too which doesn't feel very nice. All for the love of boobs though
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from Ciara in July 2014 Roll Call   
    Good Luck for the girls todaY- Little miss i think I did the same as you- I overdid it on Day 2 thinking I was much better than I was and paid for it the next day. Day 5 - 7 I have been taking ti much more easier on myself. It does get a little better each day though I have told them I wont make it into work tomorrow so I dont have to worry about going back until Monday ... yay
    hehe Delicious I told my boyfriend to stay away from my nipples too! He finds it hard to believe they can be so sensitive but he cant seem to feel my pain x
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    cloudbambi reacted to Linnewboobs in Does it take long to get used to new boobs??   
    Bad bad girl!! Lol! That's what I am doing today. Loose tops here I come! ( hubby gave me a talking to last night.. Said he just paid all this money because I wanted boobs and now he says I am crazy to buy tops to Cover them) lol
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    cloudbambi reacted to Seiboob in Booked BA with tavakoli today!   
    Thank you so much for all your advice cloudbambi!
    Your lucky you had your boyfriend by your side! Mine is just worried I'll be in so much pain and he won't be able to do anything about it and feel helpless haha. But I'm sure I'll be fine! I'm not worried about post op pain at all, I'm sure I'll be able to handle it, I'm more worried about the buildup of nerves before surgery.
    I'll have to keep you updated!
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from Nadine in Post BA recovery time   
    Nadine- I thought you said you were a big sock then hehe. Thats hilarious about what your sister thought> what did you end up telling her was wrong? I have a pretty hands on job yes- as in its not an office job just more moving around alot- from my progress over the next 2 days I cant see this having a massive improvemtn before Friday. I seem to feel worse than day 2 post op if anything. Its all the pain right down my centre thats limiting me. Ive just had to have another endone. I caved and am getting my boyfriend to do EVERYTHING now that hes home
    Not sure about the rash Lindat- maybe its a side effect of the ab's? Can you call your clinic in the morning and enquire?
    Wow Nikstar at th gym by day 5! You are a machine! I'll have to get fit when I can take it, you put me to shame My body couldnt handle that one bit right now.
    I did think I had a high pain tolerance but my body doesnt agree right now- thanks for the replies everyone 
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    cloudbambi reacted to Linnewboobs in July 2014 Roll Call   
    My surgeon said shower the morning after... Maybe ask him when he calls you today?
    Been for my post op he said I got.a perfect result!!!! probably an E and there is little to no swelling.
    He also was impressed with the quick recovery and won t need to see him for a month!
    Told me to go bra shopping next week !
    So glad all is good! I was so worried about that stupid crease dint would appear but he said he thinks it won't now and If it does it will be resolvable with a little bit of massaging. Great!
    So happy!
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    cloudbambi reacted to sg14 in Nipples after BA   
    i think that bruised feeling if from the muscle getting such a hard time, it took a while for that to stop for me, they were so tender for such a long time but eventually they feel better Viv. So many things we feel during recovery its crazy! Sore, tender, numb, hard, soft, bruised, pointy, flat, swollen! Lol any normal person would think we were crazy for being theses all those things at the same time!  
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    cloudbambi reacted to Linnewboobs in Nipples after BA   
    Mine are a combination of sore and numb... They don't feel quite there but If I touch them they feel sore.. Must be the dual plane placement as the bottom half of my boobs feels numb too.
    Also mine aren t high beams but aren't sad little falling over things anymore.. I am keeping those new ones thank you very much!
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    cloudbambi reacted to jmac in Post BA recovery time   
    Don't be disheartened Katie,  maybe having a little bit more time off work is a good idea.  Your body has just been through major trauma, make the most of being unable to do the housework  Keep your chin up, each day will get better
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from BronteB in Okay, I'm sorry to bring this topic up - Laxatives !!   
    I was soo worried about this- I drove my boyfriend mad worrying about it so before I stocked up on fruit and veg- oranges, bananas, kiwis but mainly dates, prunes and figs. On my day post op I had bran cereal, up and go, fresh orange,  a big plate of veg for dinner and lactulose liquid. On day 2 I felt more bloated so kept up on eating all of this food stuff  I had bought then had 3x10ml lactulose and 3 sennakot. I ended up having too much in the end and my boyfriend found this highly amusing. Im on day 5 now though and im all back to normal again.
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from Toasty18 in Post BA recovery time   
    Hi girls-
    I had my BA 5 days ago and I am am not recovered yet. I was just wondering about peoples recovery times and how they felt at this stage. Ive been going for gentle walks but have to stop avery 5 minutes as I have a tight pain feeling down the centre of my chest. This is generally the feeling I get if I try to do any light activity. I feel ok after a 5/10 minute sit down but I just feel like i'm progressing slowly. My arms movements are still limited even though i'm doing my exercises. I do feel slightly better than yesterday but marginally. I cant even think about lying down as it would be a struggle to get up and even pulling the  blinds up and putting tops on is very slow. Im meant to be up and driving back to work on Friday and not sure ill be up to it! Are mostly girls generally feeling better than this 5 days after surgery? Katie x
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    cloudbambi reacted to Linnewboobs in Nipples after BA   
    Oh no please! Mine were chewed to bits before ba I want perky nipples too!!!
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    cloudbambi reacted to Boobwish in Post BA recovery time   
    Rest, listen to your surgeons advice and pay attention to your body we are all different. My recovery was pretty good too though I did take regular pain medication in that first week scaling right down to just panadol by about day 5-6 and then panadol extra when I returned to work at 2.5weeks post op as needed.as the weeks have gone on I've noticed more and more movement, strength and energy but recovery takes time and while you can get a guideline from all of our experiences,listen to your body and what it needs right now.
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    cloudbambi reacted to Linnewboobs in Changing boobs   
    Thank you!!! Sitting on my armchair with a blanket , ice cream and the X factor... Life is good again!!!
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    cloudbambi reacted to Nadine in Post BA recovery time   
    Hi Cloudbambi,
    I was no where near recovered on Day 5. I'm only starting to feel pretty good now, and it's been almost 4 weeks! I had that pulling feeling down the centre of my chest up until last week. I hung out washing for the first time today and am now walking at a normal pace. Up until recently I walked like a grandma.
    From Nadine x
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from Linnewboobs in Post BA recovery time   
    I havent been able to shut the ca door either so guess im not going to get very far if I cant do that on Friday! I dont know how people do this with children- I really give it to people with them! I cant even manage just looking after me- or maybe im just too soft Some people seem t o be recovering much faster yes- I'll have to just take it easy- everyone is different. Thanks for the advice girls. I shall sit here on the couch for longer. I feel like such a bum though! x
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    cloudbambi reacted to Sandi in Post BA recovery time   
    Yes I think it's really individual. I feel really good and can even wash my hair and move my arms around ok. Lucky too as I have to drive tomorrow to my post op appointment! I think recovery is such an individual thing and you just have to roll at your own pace x
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    cloudbambi reacted to Linnewboobs in July 2014 Roll Call   
    Hey girls I am officially stabiliser free!!!! I have emailed my surgeon to ask if I could just wear it sometimes and he said to throw it away!!! Hurray I AM FREEEEE!!!!!!
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from teardrop in July 2014 Roll Call   
    I also wondered exactly the same thing Teardrop and Delicious. I want them to be as big as possible (I am greedy!) I am on Day 3 now, I woke up in pain this AM when I started moving around so I had to have strong painkillers. I feel good when im on them bt I have pains between my breasts when it wears off. I have to wear my stabiliser band for 2 weeks and then see what Dr Tavakoli says when I go back to see if I can take it off. I have been wearing my boyfriends loose shirts for the first 2 days and for the first time today I am wearing a loose t-shirt and I love the shape of my boobs in it! Normally the tshirt just goes straight down but now I feel like a Fembot and I love it Soo happy  
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from jjade in July 2014 Roll Call   
    The stabiliser feels so nice to take off! I had mine off for an hour today while I showered and it felt so nice to be free I nice not having to wear a bra though. I just went to the supermarket with my boyfriend and felt like I was nipples ahoy and I was only in a tshirt and a fleece. Thats where I have been feeling it delicious. It doesnt seem to look swollen down the centre but when I feel pain its a very tight chest feeling in the centre that feels like my skin is stretching. I have changed my album from private to friends- I think my pictures were not visible on private
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from Lauren F in July 2014 Roll Call   
    Hi I am going in tomorrow for 330/380cc Unders, XHP anatomicals with Dr Tavakoli at. I dont know how im going to sleep tonight. Cant believe how many of us there is for tomorrow, lots of excited girls tonight  
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    cloudbambi reacted to Kaaycee in Anatomical Girls! Help!   
    Hey honey. You'll get side boob with anatomical! That's why I couldn't go 330, he said there was too much side boob. So don't worry about that. If your tiny and have a boney chest (again same as me) then anatomical may be your only option unless you like the old vic beckham look. My PS immediately cut out rounds due to my chest skinniness, said I would of had perfect circles, no thanks.
    If you ps is suggesting anatomical then he is doing it for a reason. It sounds like you have to decide either you want really fake looking or really natural looking? Which would you prefer? At least going natural you have the option if pushing them up there, if you end up looking fake then you will look fake in everything you wear even if you don't want to. I understand what your thinking about spending all the money to still have to wear a padded bra if you want killer cleavage. Just try to remember that right now you have nothing so having something is going to make you happy in itself.
    My experience has taught me to trust the ps. He's the pro, not me. He knows what I want to achieve but he can only achieve that as long as my body allows as everyone has different limitations and yours are the same as mine, skinny chest. Trust him to do his best within your limitations. It's so hard Hun, I know that, I flipped out multiple times! But just trust him, the fact he's telling you not to do something that will look too fake means he takes pride in his work, I'd rather that then a ps whose willing to do whatever I want even if it means not the best final result. Xx
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    cloudbambi got a reaction from Vivian in Anatomicals or Round for a skinny girl?   
    OK- Thanks for the advice. I have finally decided on anatomicals. I dont really want to go against what I am being recommended. SO excited to have finally made a decision x
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