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    Looking into breast lift with implants as well as abdominoplasty and vaginal rejuvenation after having two children (one natural and one c-section), both breast fed. Have also lost weight which has added to the loose skin and sagging breasts.
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    Stay at home mum, full time student.
  1. Hi, did you find anyone who had surgery with Dr Ravi?
  2. Hi Looloo, Just wondering if you have any feedback on Dr Ravi Mahajani? I’m booked in for a BL and TT for Feb 2019. Regards Lou
  3. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had any success with the removal of varicose veins and in particular has anyone had the Endovenous Laser Ablation treatment and was it successful? Once the varicose vein is removed, did you notice improvement of the bruise like appearance in some places? I'm assuming these are a cluster of tiny vessels off the main vein. (oh dear, that doesn't sound good - grew up with too many brothers hehe) I am in the process of booking an appointment to have mine treated. They are very sore and like a big wriggly snake all up my leg from my ankle to my butt! Look forward to any advice Lou
  4. Just wondering how you were going Natural and BeeNew? Did you have any treatments done on your varicose veins. I have some and wondered if anyone has had the laser ablation for varicose veins or knows a little about it? Lou :-)
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