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  1. My new breasts are only newborns aged at four weeks post op and almost completely healed. Had my surgery at Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok with a help of a trusted medical tourism company (link). I decided to go through with it after years of just dreaming. I had a Doctor’s recommendation based on the information and photographs I had sent in my initial email. I decided to have the breast lift procedure done in Thailand rather than at home because of the costs and the hospitals reviews. I know a few women who have had it done it at that hospital as well. It has a very good reputation and they were very happy with the results, that have given me more confidence to push through my surgery.
  2. I'm also really considering this procedure right now and have been thinking of it for years. I want to get rid of my fat belly because exercise won't get rid of it no matter how I tried. I have been watching what I eat and exercise every morning (normally I do yoga) for years now, but the fat on my stomach would not go. I am a complete coward when it comes to pain and procedure I do feel vain having to go through surgery. I'm planning to go overseas for this procedure since I think I also need a short vacation. I'll be going for a liposuction in Thailand probably next year as a friend of mine sourced the clinic ( http://www.placidway.com/package/1557 )for me as she had friends who had gone there for various procedures and were very happy with their results. From what I've heard from my friends, this procedure is fast, much safer, and the recovery time is short. But I think 11 weeks for me is too long, since I have loads of work to get done after the procedure.
  3. I hope your doing well with your recovery. I think bruising and stiffness will subside with time. Just let time do its thing, it's good that your now starting to work. Take some Arica Montana -- they say its for swelling. Wear whatever compression garment they give you. It will reduce the swelling and help to minimize the chances for any fluid to build up.
  4. Hello, if your a candidate for Canthopexy/canthoplasty, I would recommend Dr. Chase Lay, a Facial plastic surgeon with sub-specialty experience in Asian eyelid surgery, but he's located at California.
  5. I did travel alone for my rhinoplasty surgery in India, at first I was a bit scared since it was my first time in that country. But a medical tourism was able to help me through my accommodation, treatment and any other form of care. They were able to book me on a hotel located near the medical facility I was having a surgery. Before that I've research the hotel online, good to know that they have a reputation for cleanliness, professionalism and superlative service. The reason why I choose India is that they have pride of its skilled local doctors who had their training and surgical practice in countries like USA, Canada and etc. My only advice before you start planning a trip for medical treatment is , hit the internet hard and research medical facilities, patient recommendations, for quality standards and cost effectiveness.
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