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    Bozogirl23 got a reaction from Krystalklear in Anyone have info/used Dr Craig Layt or Dr Luke Stradwick Gold Coast   
    Hey Milly, I had my BA with Luke Stradwick 2 weeks ago and can't recommend him highly enough He's a fantastic surgeon, his creds are impeccable and as soon as my first consult was over I booked for surgery, I just felt so strongly that he knew what he was doing and I was safe in his hands
    Another lady here, Kashka, had her surgery with him at the same time and she's over the moon with her results too.
    I've googled my heart out looking for any negative reviews of his skills, haven't come across a single one.
    Also a bonus that as you fall asleep on the theatre table the last thing you see is his face lol he ain't half bad on the eyes
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    Bozogirl23 got a reaction from beckham in Men rant   
    Geez, you look soooo hot in that dress that if my boobs didn't hurt so much I'd come and take you out!
    I'd be mad as hell too although I wouldn't be polite telling him like you did. And yes, if he was worth your time and effort he would of dragged his sorry arse to your door with a bunch of flowers despite being green...
    if he texts you tell him to bugger off, you're going jelly wrestling with your girlfriends.... He'll regret it for the rest of his life lol
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