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  1. I don't think you can actually fly that soon after surgery. There are actually risks like clotting and other stuff that can happen.
  2. Hey ladies, Long time since I've posted but I haven't given up on my boobies. This brings me to a hard choice... Orginally I was going to fly to Sydney with dr M - I paid the $1000 deposit back last May. Now I'm thinking of staying in brisbane. Just with travelling and everything im starting to worry I wont handle it as I'm anxiety prone. I don't know if I should forfeit the money and stay here and if I do I'd like to know of the best brisbane surgeons available. Not CS tho as I have a slight pigeon chest and need correct internal bra stitching to hold them out. Any thoughts ladies?
  3. They aren't open in Brisbane yet. Sometime in 2015 tho.
  4. Hey danni I've sent a FR if that's ok. We are very similar stats.
  5. If the company is Australian you should contact an obbudsmen with all your evidence. Maybe they can help. Xx
  6. Might have to call the hospital and ask their fees.
  7. TCI have dr doña as a plastic surgeon but he costs a bit more. If you get CC from overseas surgery then your not covered in AUS... Some girls end up paying almost double to get them fixed here from overseas problems.
  8. AUstralian Institute of Creative Design might be an option.
  9. If I wasn't scared and it didn't hurt I'd want my ears pinned back, smaller nose, obvs my boobs done, to be a bit shorter and that's it.
  10. Please get another opinion maybe from AUS surgeon? I know there are a few surgeons here who might be able to help you. I'm so sorry
  11. I think your left is slower in the DF process. Don't worry too much. Your still healing and in early days
  12. Laura they say to hold off for 2 weeks so you don't raise your heart rate too much.
  13. I'd be contacting an obbudsmen ASAP regarding the company. They could be required to refund you. All the best. X
  14. Unfortunately overseas is not an option. I originally got a loan for the first time round. properly won't be given another one with my hours now
  15. Hi ladies, As some of you know I was booked in for BA on July 3rd but work screwed me over majorly and I had to use my loan money on my other bills. I still can't stop thinking about wanting my boobies this year. I wanted to know if there's other financial options I could look at... I now need to come up with (again) $13,000.
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