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  1. Hi Merman, accepted your FR, though sorry don't have before and afters up anymore.

  2. Hi Merman, Had a great experience with Dr Piyapas, very happy with my BA and eyes. I've heard Dr Jib is great too, seen some impresive Before and Afters. The hospital is brilliant - clean, thorough and organised. You'll be in good hands. Make sure you spend time leading up to your op getting super healthy, no smoking, drink plenty, and depending on what foods you like try to get lots of antioxidents, probiotics, eat plenty of healthy oils (not seed oils) and protein to aid healing and minimize inflamation when your done. I believe a good out come is not just soley the responsiblity of the surgeon/hospital (though obviously it is very important to get a brilliant surgeon and clean hospital), but it is also your responsiblity to take care of your self before and after the op with good higeine and optimum nutrition. You've got a long wait till Sept.....know the feeling, I booked in early too.....but it was a great time to get fully educated on what to expect etc. Good luck, chacha

  3. cool!! have heard there's a very good lady Dr who does that area....hope it all goes well and you have a great time back in Thailand :)

  4. Hi there, yes all good here :) Love my new BA and my eyes look great too! How are you doing? Hope you're thrilled with them. chacha :D

  5. Thanks for the update, interesting that they are duel plane...wonder if mine are too?! glad you are feeling so good, can't believe you've been working out so much and yet so little pain....think I must be too soft LOL! Enjoy your remaining time in Thailand :) chacha

  6. Hi Maz, 3.5l seems a lot, I'm sure you'll love the results once the swelling goes down. I can only imagine how yuk the compression gear feels over there in the sticky heat! How did your post op go yesterday, did you find out if they are full unders? How's the lift side healing/looking, I think they look amazing for being so new....and incredible that you've had such little pain. I really was in a lot of pain, think my muscles were very tight have been using the cross trainer and doing pilates....big mistake! Enjoy the rest of your holiday :) by the way, if you press on "view conversation" the reply will go to my page as well rather than just yours :) cheers chacha

  7. Hi Maz, congrates on your surgery, hope you are recoverying well. 500cc is big!! Bet they are looking brilliant and better by the day. How did the lipo go? I would love to see your results! Do you know if they are full or partial unders? I'm now over 6 months post op, but wish I had asked Dr Piyapas as some people talk about unders but acutally mean partial.....bit confusing! Anyhow I'm sure he does the same for most girls, and wondered what you've got? cheers chacha

  8. Wow!! That's amazing, he is very particular about getting it just right, so I think you'll be fine!! He's usually on the conservative side, so I'm sure he hasn't gone too big. Lucky girl, sounds like a brilliant size. When i had mine done, he originally said 450 right, but could only fit in 425 in the end :( ...then lefty was always going to be 50cc less and lower profile. Don't be suprised if they drop at different rates, this is very common especially when different sizes are used, it'll settle down after a few months. Where they different profile as well? Congrates and glad all has gone well :)

  9. Hi Maz, hope all went well yesterday??? Rest up and enjoy some TLC. Hope your recovery goes smoothly. chacha

  10. Good luck today Maz, hope it all goes well, will be thinking of you :)

  11. Hi sukii, just realised we r not friend son here......do you mind if I send you a FR? Really interested in how the rhino went! Hope you're recovery is going well and that you are happy with it all :) Cheers Chacha

  12. Yes, I sterilized my tiny sissors and tweezers for 5 mins in boiling water, clean the wound with a swab, then try to remove the stitch, clean again with swab, then stick over the steri strip and spray/dab on my betadine. It was a drag at the time, but it did clear up thankfully. You'll be right in a 2 or three weeks :) cheers chacha

  13. Yes, that's exactly how they were, like tiny whitehead pustles! Keep it clean and when it bursts you'll find a bit of stitch ready to come out. I think I had it happen for about 3 or 4 weeks, then if finally ended. Sorry to say it didn't help with scaring, mine had been looking brilliant, but it did set it back. Hopefully when I'm 1 year post op it will have all faded. cheers chacha

  14. I just dabbed on the betadine over the steri strip then dried it with the dryer :) ha, you made me laugh with your attempt at usimg glad wrap!! cheers chacha

  15. Hi, I'm sure he didn't mean keep it dry litterally! I took it as meaning shower as ususal then dry it thoroughly, and exposed the inicsion to the air s much as possible. I used my blow dryer on it (good when the steri strips get a bit wet and soggy), then put the betadine on, dried it again, then wore cotton bras that would breath, with no bandages that would keep the incision moist. Most likely you will get some more, but if you're lucky you wont. Just keep a close eye on it, and keep it extra clean. Think I also bought special wash, Microsheild Chlorhexidine hand wash (which can be used as a body wash) just to be doubly sure to reduce my risk of any infection, got it from Chemist warehouse. HTH Chacha

  16. Hi Laura, how is the spitting stitch going? Did you manage to get it sorted, or hear from Dr Piyapas? hope all is well :) cheers chacha

  17. Yes don't panic......mostly likely they'll look a bit weird for a little while, and you may have a few days feeling down (I had a couple from 1 day PO). We all have those 'iffy' thoughts, but stay calm and think clearly and I'm sure you'll make all the right decisions :) chacha

  18. Hi Mumoffive, thanks for the pic comments :) My BA was actually 375mod+ (left) and 425HP (right) ...would be mirror image on my photos. But I'm bit taller and had less tissue than you, so perhaps we will have similar end results. One month will fly by and your turn will soon be here!! All the best chacha

  19. sorry will sort out now :)

  20. Yes the 375 is a perfect match for you BWD (base with of 12 cm), I'm sure they'll look brilliant.....I too was worried about going too big, but now if and when I need a redo, think I'll go 50-100cc more to give a bit more sided boob as I'm on the hippy side! In clothes they look like a c cup, and as I was wear padded bras before....no one has even noticed except 2 of my closest friends :) cheers chacha

  21. Hi mummyof3, I had a bit of asymmetry, so have two different sizes of implants to deal with both this and a dip in my chest wall behind the right breast. Left has 375mod+ , right side has 425HP. What is your BWD? mine was around 16 (which is large for the fact that my band size is a 10) I think (dependant on your BWD) that you could easily take the 350 you have in the pic. If you are going under the muscle, I'd suggest going even a size or two up. You'd be amazed at how quickly you get use to them and wish you got a tiny bit more!! LOL Good luck, chacha

  22. Good luck with you TT and lift tomorrow.......I'm sure Dr Poomee will do a brilliant job :)

  23. Hi Laura, could reply to your message, as you inbox was full, so will put it here: I actually asked him how long I needed to keep it up, and he said forever....or as long as I have the implants! I must say now I'm 5 months post op, and probably only managing to massage twice a day maybe a min on each massage he said to do on each side....depends though, sometimes if I'm not so busy then I'm do it for longer. It is a bind, but I believe it's important to keep it up to keep the implants soft and moveable and to help avoid cc. How are you doing? Are they beginning to drop and fluff nicely? HTH chacha

  24. Hi rubii, can't remember if I replied re the scar-fx.....sorry :o Got it online, but you can get same or similar in chemsits. It is silicone sheeting. I got a big sheet....something like 3 by 4 inches, then cut it up into lengths and wore it day and night, just removing for showering. My tight fitting tummy control pants (that I wore as a support garment after a couple of weeks) that went up to my ribs helped keep them safely in place. Hope you are doing well now that you are around 1 month post op....first month is the hardest. cheers chacha

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